MapleStory 2 – Expected Release Date (Q3 2018) In this video I give my first impressions on MapleStory 2, a game that initially released in Korea in 2015, I’ve …

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  • chaosincarna 47 mins ago

    "Eww girls!" (chain shotguns Soylent products)

  • javontae talton 47 mins ago

    Is this game only on PC?

  • James Cook 47 mins ago

    Wow pedophil gaming…when u play this u get arrested

  • superdude385 47 mins ago

    lol ur mom gay

  • DrugStar1136 47 mins ago

    What's the damn problem that the characters are sexy? You have to focus on that? "Oh look it shows some underwear" and? It bothers you? I hate it when people say that, it's a fantasy game most fantasy is sensual and I wish it goes on forever, you don't need to show off to some feminist nobody will kill your channel.

  • qwe qweqwe 47 mins ago

    3more days for steam release

  • This Guy 47 mins ago

    Looks like trash, thanks for the heads up!

  • liberator48 47 mins ago

    Hahaha Jimmie Åkesson… best game must buy 10/10 IGN

  • Nepu-Tech USA 47 mins ago

    This looks incredible!!! :O

  • Andrew K 47 mins ago

    I cringed too hard when you chose 'Mouse & Keyboard' =_=;;;

  • Henry Ettoit 47 mins ago

    initially i didnt like the 3D look but this looks fun!

  • NotGrieferYuuki 47 mins ago

    <SwordArtOnline> Bdo guild is moving to maplestory2. pm or like comment if u want to join our super friendly non griefing guild <3

  • Henry .LT 47 mins ago

    Kids game? Introduce mmo to kids? While the girl characters look like they’re fucking 10 years old with double d knockers and panties flapping out? Fuck the pedos behind this game. Its always the asian games, whole cultures a fucking joke.

  • Anidem9 47 mins ago

    Hmm seems to me like MapleStory 2 is MapleStory Hindsight lol

  • Anidem9 47 mins ago

    I loved playing the old MapleStory. I do miss the old days before the Big Bang which reshaped Victoria Island, and I miss my old maple buddies. Last time I logged on none of them were on at all, made me quite sad considering how I was actually good friends with many of them, and how I never really got around to having friends in WoW because I started playing it when the WoW in-game community was essentially dead.

  • MonsterKat 47 mins ago

    Just remember the fact that Maplestory is a grind franchise at the end of the day.

  • Poopoo Lol 47 mins ago


  • Caltrix PvP 47 mins ago

    Can it run Minecraft?

  • sweetp 47 mins ago

    It reminds me of the "MySims" games…

  • Aki :Aielt 47 mins ago

    This is like minecraft graphic RPG. The main reason why maple story used to be so popular is because of its nostalgic graphic.

  • Steam Release in 20 Hours 🙂

  • Steve Palmer 47 mins ago

    Excellent Review, thanks!

  • ChaosPod 47 mins ago

    10:30 That Maple OX quiz needs to be changed for western audiences as most people won't know that in Japan O is used for a correct answer and X is used for a wrong answer. Similar to the Asian Playstations where O is select and X is cancel. I like to think of the O button (for Asian Playstations) as "okay".

  • Lawlhero 47 mins ago

    You know what Maple Story needs, Maplestory Classic.

  • Barry__Allen_ 47 mins ago

    I dunno I miss the old 2d side scroller, 3D doesn't do it for me :/

  • Bandito 47 mins ago

    6:50 för våran konung! välfärd och soldater!!

  • Wolffee 47 mins ago

    You use "in this game" quite a lot. I just found it odd. If you are at the mall do you say "in this mall" every time you want to say something about it?

    I'm just giving you crap, man. Great vid 🙂 and Sub'd

  • Commin on my face is the greatest feelin 47 mins ago

    I still remember playing the release Maplestory 1 beta back in 2004 when i was 40yo. Good times.

  • Agamer playz 47 mins ago

    Beserkwer is like most op class just because of x

  • jermaniac 47 mins ago

    It looks really trovey, but with aspects that of course makes it it's own game. Doesn't really seem like a maplestory sequel imo, more like a new game with a maplestory story. On the other hand, this doesn't make it a bad game, I personally will check it out since it genuinely looks fun, but I still wanted to point it out.

  • Notaforumguy007 47 mins ago

    interesting, its nice to see they gave alot of love to side activities to add a little more fun to the game, most games these days is just a 1-cap race with nothing in between, side events like they got in MS are enjoyable regardless of level which is the great thing about them.

  • Pass on all Nexon games

  • Ced8897 47 mins ago

    Maple Story, mine craft edition.


    typical nexon. region block, pay to win, crappy broken games, treat customers badly

  • AK studios 47 mins ago

    You a weeb

  • Ggf Hgg 47 mins ago

    Of course it is, 🙂

  • MSB Lagrange 47 mins ago

    Really looking forward to this game

  • Elizer Resurreccon 47 mins ago

    this is what ragnarok 2 should have been, instead they tried to copy of wow

  • X3mdain 47 mins ago

    6:58 "Demonic loli slut" hahaha

  • Riddle 47 mins ago

    first thing you say in the video: "maplestory 2 is a free to play MMORPG", but when I downloaded the game I was forced to purchase a founders pack to play the game. So it's a pay to play?

  • 冰雪琳 47 mins ago

    i don't spend any money on it so I can't play especially u want to kill the bosses and u have to spend money to have a life if u die

  • Jonathan Pakoy 47 mins ago

    got me at those life skills…….gonna play it…..will play with no money spending as much as possible

  • MK_Madness 47 mins ago

    The game launches on october 10th for anyone wondering (Source: Their own website).

  • Don Mega 47 mins ago

    omg it's horrible!

  • Luke Marble 47 mins ago

    Korean cubeworld

  • Da Wi-Fi 47 mins ago

    Never thought I'd be so entertained by someone picking their class lololol

  • Aaron88 47 mins ago

    Nexon makes addicting games that draws a lot of attention from hackers and gold farmers. which in turn actually ruin Nexons games. It is the sad reality of the gaming industry.

  • Lucio Iva 47 mins ago

    dont start off cons with something that isnt confirmed >.> even if it ends up happening its not very professional to add in something like that.