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  • Laukku 45 mins ago

    8:50 Where is that footage from? A rolling demo for BASS? Where can I get it?

  • ruskiimperial 45 mins ago

    As per D&D rules (3rd edition I believe), you failed the Lore check to properly identify the sour ale and its magical properties. It's ok, sour ales tend to be very expensive and very few really have the type of palate to enjoy them. Kind of like peated Scotch whisky. Great interview by the way!

  • pongo d 45 mins ago

    Great interview. Thanks for asking my question Matt

  • Frank 42 45 mins ago

    How bout that Flat Earth Ale…

  • Alper Özgün Yeşil 45 mins ago

    Ah ❤️

  • N8tehNotGr8 mishaps in gaming 45 mins ago

    Fascinating the way he talked about scaling and how even to this day in a lot of 2d Animated sprite or pixel games that the scaling is still incorrect. I am very curious to see the rest of this interview.

  • SilverMongooseVideos 45 mins ago

    Few minutes in and really enjoying it already. I love me some Broken Sword

  • Dave Dogge 45 mins ago

    Ale Caesar !