Our Nascar Heat 2 Review. Despite some quality racing that NASCAR Heat 2 has to offer, there are a few issues that takeaway some of the fun on the course if …

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  • alex fernandes 38 mins ago

    Can I play 2 coop in the same tournament?

  • zachary karlton 38 mins ago

    Why does my game always pause in the beginning of each game plz help

  • J Shannon 38 mins ago

    Is anyone miffed at the age restriction to get the Miller Lite sponsor of Brad Koslowski?

  • Fabuloso 38 mins ago

    This looks like such garbage. no damage and cars magically correct themselves when they wreck

  • kevin overly 38 mins ago

    This game is garbage. This is supposed to be a new gen system game yet the graphics and gameplay are about the same as an arcade in a Chuckie cheese. Cars flip over barrel roll and practically have a scratch on them. The audio has improved a little bit but to meet the cars still sound like a lawn mower going around the track,there's no replay on caution flags,no blah flags,no 360 degree camera look around. That has been in every other NASCAR game. Why did they fail to include it in this game? They need to go back to the days of NASCAR thunder where they actually had an arcade mode and a simulation mode you could choose from. Damage was realistic fenders and hoods flew off cars,you had debris on the track,engine blows and fire… They had better victory lane celebration too you could do victory burnouts and drive to victory lane. There was also flag to flag coverage of the race by MRN announcers who announced every lap of the race,the even showed the starting grid and had a position ticker that showed the position of every driver,and where they are as far as lead lap or laps down,they also showed who has DNF'd with no caution replay you don't even know who wrecked or how they wrecked. I also miss not having the national anthem and military flyover. It's like after NASCAR 04 they quit putting it in the game. I remember when you could even hear the track announcers over the grandstands loud speakers. It was like actually being at the track and watching it live. The current developrs must have never been to a live NASCAR race to witness the thrill and excitement of an actual stock car race. They need to also bring back thunder plates and skill points. I think adding special goals that you win points to unlock race plates that could be fantasy tracks,retro paint schemes,or legend drivers would be cool. NASCAR heat is nothing like a real NASCAR experience. It's merly nothing but an arcade game with PlayStation 2 graphics. Im hoping they find a better developer who has experience with developing racing/sports games preferably Codemasters,or 2K sports.

  • William Brower 38 mins ago

    it sucks

  • Anony Mous 38 mins ago

    I had nascar 09 on PlayStation 2 and I feel like it was better than this. I want to get this but it just doesn't impress me

  • Assassin 4056 38 mins ago


  • GhosterSev 38 mins ago

    Solid in-depth review. I love this game though. Check my channel to follow digital Jimmie J on his quest for 8 🙂

  • Kyle Funderburk 38 mins ago

    I hope NASCAR stays with this developer. This game is a big improvement over Heat Evolution and it's much better than any NASCAR game we've seen in a decade. Their next game will probably be the NASCAR console game everyone has been waiting for.

  • VeroMithril 38 mins ago

    We have enough greedy micro-transactions-career-only games so I'm just happy to have a decent split screen racing game for ps4.

  • CycloneGaming95 38 mins ago

    If you think about it, the fact you move your camera around much and that thee is no track map only makes it me realistic. Divers can’t do that in real life, so if you want a realistic game, this may be it. There is also a lot to the game and it has pretty good graphics, physics, and damage. I’d say it gets more like a 9, it is defiantly the best NASCAR games I have ever played, and I love it already, even though I only got it yesterday.

  • Trevor Games 38 mins ago

    The game is awful every lap i get turned every lap

  • Skywarn-Hurricane tracker Randy Alex Drewery 38 mins ago

    Few things I hated was no tack map, no commentary, trophies not working. The biggest complaint is my driver. You can be male or female and have every little detail to their face, But you never see your drivers face in the winners circle just their butt

  • dirt shark 32 38 mins ago

    Dirt to Daytona and Test drive Eve of Destruction need to be re released even with the same graphics

  • Dan Reno 38 mins ago

    This game still looks like a marginal game maker made the game. The graphics are so so and I find myself going back to my PS3 to play NASCAR inside line. I was pretty burned that I purchased the first version of this game only to be disappointed. Please give the license back to EA Sports!

  • SGNRyan 38 mins ago

    Garbage PS2 game disguised as a next-gen game. Just play NR2003 if you want all 3 series

  • Richard Savings 38 mins ago

    Anyone else too busy singing Tim McGraw songs too pay attention, or just me?

  • Scott Hageman 38 mins ago

    They need to pretty copy what EA sports did from thunder 2003 -2007. With all 3 sires, and team mates

  • CPU M Rossi 38 mins ago

    split screen multiplayer makes a return??? NASCAR Heat didn't have split screen multiplayer

  • Scott Moody 38 mins ago

    If you people would stop buying trash games they would stop making them. Haven't had. Good NASCAR game since 2007

  • DogDays Of Life 38 mins ago

    The graphics are nothing like the should be. That's another issue. ZERO effort in back grounds/ crowds. Also very interlaced looking. Like it's displaying in 480 resolution

  • DogDays Of Life 38 mins ago

    Nascar heat 1 was NOT GOOD.
    This game is Much better but like mentioned it has its big problems. I have several million dollars in career mode and nothing to purchase? Overall this game didn't feel as half assed and rushed. But still.

  • Elizabeth D 38 mins ago

    Does this game require a wheel controller?

  • John Chaney 38 mins ago

    This is the best NASCAR game period. The graphics are not that good but the racing is. Online or offline.

  • K Glbd 38 mins ago

    just based on this review it sounds like it would be nice if you started out with a basic car, few sponsors "new kid on the block" type and earned money to upgrade the car.. kinda like f1 does. rivalries would be cool if they audio recorded radio transmissions from other drivers. It would feel like the player is immersed in the game if they can hear chatter from other drives and the crew chief/spotter

  • Vine Wood 38 mins ago

    This game is horrible in comparison to previous games. I would say the ONLY thing better about this game than say the past 3 NASCAR racing games is that all 3 series are on the game but that's where it stops. The career mode is broken because A) alot of times ai drivers do not show up in the finishing order where they actually finished on the racetrack. I've had plenty of times that say the 18 or 78 finished right behind me but showed up in the final results as finishing 5th or 6th I mean was that a post race penalty or something. B) you cannot change paint-schemes in career mode unless your using a custom car that you painted. C) Whether ai cars are your rival or not when your outside of them they STILL pin you up against the wall during races. D) Anytime there's a wreck on the track & your involved your car always gets the worst of it, pretty much ai cars just plow through the chaos barely slowing down if at all while your car go's spinning around & flying through the air even with minor contact. E) In career mode you can't see the entire schedule or go back to look at past race finishing order, if you wanna know who won say the Coca-Cola 600 & your on the Brickyard 400 weekend forget it unless you wrote it down. F) finally absolutely no stat tracking at all, unless your writing down everything you do you have no idea about anything as far as how many races won, poles won, races run or whatever OH but the computer doe's let you know when you've hit certain win milestones such as surpassing Rusty Wallace's & Jeff Gordon's win totals but they even screwed that up because the damn computer counts ALL of your wins, trucks Xfinity & Cup series wins towards the records. The custom option is off because your limited on what numbers & sponsors you can use. Since the beer cars are licensed they shoulda made those sponsors in the custom menu, would been nice if you could name your custom driver instead of it just being your gamer tag. A victory burnout woulda been nice & how about even being able to pull into victorylane & climb out of the car like on NASCAR 2003 or whichever one it was that Jr was on the cover back in the early 2000's. All of these things are possible I mean look at Madden & the 2k Basketball games, if they put that kind of effort into a NASCAR game it would be right there with the Formula 1 game as an elite title worthy of $60 but I guess maybe since NASCAR popularity has declined as of late, these gaming company's feel a half assed product is all we deserve XD…

  • 212809 38 mins ago

    This game has some weird nascar physics. On most tracks I don't even need to hit the brake. Even on tracks like Indy all you need to do is just coast the car into the turns. Its like there is some hidden auto braking assist which cannot be turned off by the player.

  • Lee Marvin 38 mins ago

    god damn… nothing says "i am a american" more than your music choice.

  • Finish-Him-91 38 mins ago


    *Commentery during races Fox team would work make it feel like your watching A Nascar event on TV with full race commentery like NBA 2K Madden and WWE 2K with your crew cheif and whole team checking on you during cautions are red flags letting you know when to pit and other little things.

    *Give us a pre race like Thunder 2004 only better, bigger the event bigger the pre race show along with starting grid of course

    *Real Post race VICTORY LANE Celebrations details such as getting on top of the car spraying your crew down with beverage putting on hat and then show them starting to talk to Analyst then going off to next screen

    *Give us a TV style presentation during the race a scrolling ticker a box something with positions shown mph ect replays on wrecks.

    *Bigger wrecks barrel Rolls insane crashes Talledagea BIG ONES realistic Car damage smoke,flames what you would see on Saturday and Sunday.

    *and last thing for me I want realistic looking driver models and crowds smaller events lesser Attendance bigger event bigger attendance

    I crave this so badly and it could be done look at codemasters and F1 amazing would be nice if Nascar was shown the same love!

  • esmokebaby 38 mins ago

    fuck this shit i want nascar thunder back ps2 nascar was better hell 98 better than this shit

  • DannyDark0 38 mins ago

    The last NASCAR game that was worth playing was NASCAR 2005 Chase For The Cup. As someone who's played all NASCAR Games, with NASCAR Racing 3 being my favorite, i can honestly say NASCAR '06-NASCAR Heat Evolution have all been total & complete shit. especially in comparison to NASCAR 2005. For some reason when they came out with NASCAR 06 they completely stripped everything good about the game & made it as basic as possible. the difference between NASCAR 2005 & NASCAR 06 was day & night. & it just declined from that point on. In my opinion all these game developers need to do is create a NASCAR game with the same set-up model as NASCAR 2005. This NASCAR Heat 2 looks like the extremely watered down version of NASCAR 2005.

  • Springwood Slasher 38 mins ago

    Is there a cockpit view? All footage i see is from bullshit chase view. I cant play a racing game without cockpit.

  • Sir Shanks 38 mins ago

    Good review. Pretty much feel the same. Ayy just saw I raced against you in the video lmao.

  • kosta1605 38 mins ago

    Games not bad. Career mode is far too easy and nothing to use money on. Next years game if they do one should be a bit better.

  • yexman77 38 mins ago

    This game is utter trash. I would rather play ps2 era NASCAR games and they have a lot more depth. Can we please get half decent simulation style game to consoles? I know most people will just say play iracing and I have. But I would like some singleplayer and I don't wanna pay for every track or car model separately.

  • Kevin Schmid 38 mins ago

    Has anyone played the finished version for PS4 I'm waiting to buy it until I hear what ppl think about it! Until then I'll stick with NASCAR 15

  • flyer2359x 38 mins ago

    Career mode is still fairly simple and doesn't have much depth. There's no management, etc. You basically just take an offer or the next contract, that's it. You just race whatever is given to you. It's pretty linear. Unlike DTD where I made it to trucks, crashed in my first race and my truck team went bankrupt so I had to go back to the Whelen Modified series for a while. That's depth. There's risk, reward, challenge.

  • Cooper Quick 38 mins ago

    They need to remake dirt to Daytona next literally just a graphic update is needed

  • TOY The Gamer 38 mins ago

    Here are the things NASCAR Heat 3 NEEDS to do:

    1) A fun, engaging Career mode where the money you win can be put toward upgrades, crew members, repairs, etc.
    2) Paint Booth from previous titles, but with better controls and precision.
    3) A 360 camera while driving.
    4) Lower the camera a bit in Chase view.
    5) Have a map of the course you're racing on.
    6) More paint schemes WITHOUT the need to buy a Hot Pass.
    7) A Nintendo Switch version, even if it comes later than the other platforms.

  • Gabriel Craig 38 mins ago

    Hopefully 704games will update the career mode n put the 360 camera in the game soon