Captured entirely from in-game footage, watch this introduction to Red Dead Redemption 2’s gameplay in 4K. Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming October 26, …

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  • Ketchup Co. 43 mins ago

    2:13 the music starts giving me flashbacks to The Last of Us for some reason

  • LazLik -7 43 mins ago

    Bully 2 when rockstar??

  • Anmol Nawani 43 mins ago

    All the dislikes are by PC gamers

  • AAK90 AAK90 43 mins ago

    Man this game looks fantastic

  • Aland Qubad 43 mins ago

    I am saving money for that bad boy

  • Another masterpiece from rockstar!!!!!

  • Ahoora Pirzadeh 43 mins ago

    I can't wait for it

  • Mattyas Gamer :v xD 43 mins ago

    estamos en el 2018 y me parece una falta de respeto no doblar el juego al español latino para la comunidad Gamer de América Latina, malditos Yankis

  • gabbo1313 43 mins ago

    4:12 can anyone tell me what the song is or if this is exclusively made for the trailer…? also 5:18 if this is for the trailer or will be coming to the soundtrack??

  • Nicklas Jensen 43 mins ago


  • Thajudeen S 43 mins ago

    When is the game coming

  • I hope the camp’s “morale” system is too demanding. Supplying your gang can be fun but can easily become tedious and taxing. Sounds like you get to a area, set up a camp, fill morale while doing side missions then you hit a bank or some kind of score which can or will end up getting the local law to go beserk and you gotta move again. Rinse and repeat in new lands with new opportunities. The mountains and desert look sooooo realistic and beautiful

  • Adham Shaheen 43 mins ago

    Very very very very very good

  • Just Saying 43 mins ago

    No freaking Zombies??!!😒🙁

  • ayy lmaocrazcow 43 mins ago


  • Austen Lee 43 mins ago

    Who’s gonna dislike this ?

  • Liam Ryan 43 mins ago

    Game looks unreal!!
    Can't wait to play it already placed my pre-order 😀

  • Arthur Morgan 43 mins ago

    You got some money fo' me boy? I seen yo' name in our ledger.

  • TheMrcooll 43 mins ago


  • Clement Lo 43 mins ago

    You forgot about the weaponised horse

  • eljordigg 43 mins ago

    Would love to have a battle royal online with those weapons

  • Jimmy Hendrix 43 mins ago

    Am I the only one who watches this video over and over?

  • Anoop Sharma 43 mins ago

    Guys smoking weed in this game will increase dead eye meter and you can focus cool is that?!!?

  • Froggy 43 mins ago


  • Bhushan Ryder 43 mins ago

    Hey rockstar 10 years is about to complete of gta4 so whats your opinion for smartphone players 😋

  • Chloe Berry 43 mins ago

    This is gonna be one of my favorite games.
    Could we get the option to play as wildlife? That'd be awesome.

  • joaxbeats ! 43 mins ago

    Was that horse doing a doughnut?

  • hOimellete 43 mins ago

    please, let this go to pc, i dont have a ps4 or a xbox one, let me have the pleasure of playing this goty game!

  • MrGnomerdoom 43 mins ago

    This game looks amazing unf. I don't own a console but considering to buy one specially for this..

  • If you won't release it for PC too I will commit bad feelings.

  • Ketchup Co. 43 mins ago

    This game is gonna be goty

  • AZOZ Zz 43 mins ago

    We want Arabic for the Middle East. Please read this comment and respond to it 🛑🛑🛑😔😣🙏🏻🇸🇦🇸🇦🌹

  • mopo ucco 43 mins ago

    can i be a black man in this game

  • TMP_007_ 43 mins ago

    I think my playstation is going to cry on october 26 2018

  • DevilsBeefCake 43 mins ago

    Rockstar makes Masterpieces of Art

  • scott t 43 mins ago

    Looks great. Will be purchasing this

  • I've watched this trailer over 10 times today, please help.

  • Harper Bryan 43 mins ago

    Am I the only one that noticed jack at the campfire sitting nes to john

  • John Holmes 43 mins ago

    1:30 almost looks like far cry 5.

  • Alchemic Overdrive 43 mins ago

    No one commenting can say anything in comparison to how epic this game will be, including me.

  • Bill Clinton Moses Manullang 43 mins ago

    The Witcher 3 with cowboy style and guns.

    I bet this game won’t be released on PC, change my mind, I dare y’all

  • Daniel Crosby 43 mins ago

    For a few dollars more I can get the special edition.

  • Rockstar is crushing the competition. I mean, what competition anyways?

  • Mark Mark 43 mins ago

    That graphics, just so cool movie. I knew it, Rockstar Games is the best company

  • The-PhD-gamer 43 mins ago

    Booked my annual leave already

  • d e a t h _ s c r e a m _ 43 mins ago

    but are the manimals coming back?

  • Mark Legon 43 mins ago

    Is this coming out for the sega master system??

  • Darius Slay 43 mins ago

    Rockstar if you see this bring back The Warriors type game that you can have gangs and just brawl. I loved the fighting of the warriors. #BringTheWarriorsBack

  • Eepos Angel 43 mins ago

    I'm calling it now…….Johnny Knoxville 2:532:59
    Also, food for thought: Bicycles had been invented (1817) long before the time this game is set in (1899) and the first motorcycle was invented 10 years prior to RDR2 timeline (1889).

    What say you?