Defunct Games reviews Rabi-Ribi, available now on Steam. While not especially original, Rabi-Ribi mixes the Metroidvania formula with cutesy anime. While the …

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  • diebenacht 57 mins ago

    I got MapleStory flashbacks when watching this

  • Tech Core 57 mins ago

    this review seems like it's pretty underwhelming for how unique it actually is

  • Hot Boi 57 mins ago

    Ok, what the fuck man? Emphasis on story and cute girls, shallow combat, 6 hours to complete the game? You completely misunderstood the game because you were obviously playing it on easy or medium difficulty. But this game truly shines when played on hardest mode – it becomes harder than dark souls (no joke), every boss encounter is a real challenge which requires time , practice and reflexes .You count every single taken damage, the tension builds and vanishes as you finally beat the boss and feel this great feeling of joy from a victory. And i spent over 70+ hours on this game and enjoyed every minute of it.

  • Laura Clarke 57 mins ago

    This is amazing enjoy the story, the action done well, does remind me of retro/Sega feels. Something we don't see very often, I like that's it's different and unique on the table. People shouldn't downgrade this without trying it first hand, I really love the bright colours too.

  • Narsheguard 57 mins ago

    Your voice is grating.

  • MetaL BraiN m/Extreme Metal Enthusiast m/ 57 mins ago

    The girls look like they are 18? They look 12 to 15.

  • Nathaniel Grizzle 57 mins ago

    Good thing you said appear over 18 because we know one of them is 100+ years old.

  • getulyyo njunior 57 mins ago

    A. Porra. Steam. fode. Não. Vale agora. Pode matar. O. Steam. Agora

  • Aqua Leader Archie 57 mins ago

    Does anyone know what the game at 0:30 is? I've been trying to remember that game for years.

    Edit: Nevermind mind must've blanked when he mentioned the title.

  • RetroNutcase 57 mins ago

    As a lover of the Metroidvania genre, I think this game's most amazing feat is how it manages to embrace the exploration in a way that doesn't restrict you. (*cough* Fusion *cough*)

    Rabi Ribi doesn't just allow you to play things out of order, the achievements flat out encourage it! This is a game where you can say "Y'know what, I want to go straight to the volcano that will likely murder me so I can get an awesome early item." And if you can survive the hellish trip, that Fire Orb is yours! Who says you need Double Jump to get it?

  • Beau Carpenter 57 mins ago

    I have to say, didn't think much of Rabi Ribi until I started going past….chapter 3, not far I know. But the games got me hooked, it has the bullethell action I love mixed in with an agreeable amount of platform movement. Can't say I regret picking this up.

  • Lexyvil 57 mins ago

    I played the hell out of this game almost 2 years ago. It's definitely not a game to miss~
    Love how it mixes up the Metroidvania style and bullet hell.

  • john manuel 57 mins ago

    Now I want to play Astro boy the omega factor for the gba!

  • Gnidel 57 mins ago

    Bunny Must Die is also a good representation of bunnies in video games.

  • Hjori Centifolia 57 mins ago

    This game is amazing, I tell you.
    It's sweet and fun. A perfect game to play after a hard day's work

  • ShimyIa1 57 mins ago

    I was looking for a metroidvania to play and it seems pretty ok. The aesthetic is a deal breaker though. I already feel the diabetes from all that sweetness and sugar.

    Its weird, i used to tolerate this stuff. I still watch anime and stuff. I guess im burnt out on moe.

  • Ole Gerko 57 mins ago

    This game was a big surprise for me. Great bosses, good mechanics, good challenge (playing on Hard), nice exploration, cute chibis – all the things i need in life.
    I don't think that i "saw that all before" because game bosses that use bullet hell mechanics feel quite unique. You really need to try to understand every attack – and each boss have alot of them.

    I think the only serious problem i have with this game is that it's sprites have different resolution then the world or other sprites. It feels like they from different games. But they cute so it's ok.

  • stephaniepretty 57 mins ago

    I bought this game yesterday, its absolutely amazing so far and I love how similar to metroid the secrets are ^-^ definitely a great game 😀

  • Tigerman9001 57 mins ago


  • Palace Of Wisdom 57 mins ago

    This looks solid, hopefully it comes to PSN at some point.