Introducing the newest patch in SMITE – 4.16 “Summer Knockout “. Available on August 29, 2017 on PC – for the complete patch notes, head over to: …

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  • Marth Link 34 mins ago

    donate 1 dollar for every purchase of the bundle? so you spend like 20$to give away 1$ ……. what a big heart smite *slow clap*.
    Hi-rez is slowly turning into EA and ubisoft.

  • blackdynamiteSJC 34 mins ago

    Can you guys fix all of Vamana's other skins to the new look and not that fat puggy crap or delete them and refund us. They look stupid now that he has a cool base look that isn't culturally insensitive.

  • William Hall 34 mins ago

    Why does this game never run every time I apply a patch?

  • Raiden 34 mins ago

    Buff the servers pls D:

  • Mason Lee 34 mins ago

    Gets a dislike for making me see that ugly bitch Bellona at the start of the video.

  • NotFBI 34 mins ago

    nox is way too overpowered…

    lets nerf skadi.

  • Who Cares 34 mins ago

    Ganesha's tier 2 skin holds a bowl of baby skulls. Jfc. Why Ganesha? Too much creep.

  • emergencycode53 34 mins ago

    time RIP

  • Logan F 34 mins ago

    Where's a Raijin damage buff huh?

  • Black Shadow 34 mins ago

    Fix he bo voice pack for ps4,some comamands sound with the default voice,not the skin voice

  • Black Shadow 34 mins ago

    nerf susano,buff susano,nerf susano,buff susano,nerf susano,buff susano.

  • Kervin Lopez 34 mins ago

    Not the most exiting patch, cause I don't even play any of this gods

  • MajesticArchon 34 mins ago

    It's only a matter of time before the 4.20 patch…. what will Hi-Rez come up with?

  • Luka Stulic 34 mins ago


  • VoxAgon 34 mins ago

    Does this mean Bacchus now hunts for 'pika-nik' baskets? 😉

  • Eddie Burton 34 mins ago

    Ymir nerf ymir nerf ymir nerf

  • Leon Kranja 34 mins ago

    Thank you for 125000 favor

  • Weak

  • Eddie Burton 34 mins ago

    Whats integrated voice chat?

  • lights cameradrinks 34 mins ago

    Nerf Loki's invisibility

  • Edgar Ortiz 34 mins ago

    Fix your link to get the Nu Wa skin it keeps telling me page not found.

  • rickywolfy101 34 mins ago

    Whoever has that Bear Bacchus skin, I praise you for having that much money to invest into Smite.

  • Playboi Juice 34 mins ago

    Donate 1 buck?? Lmao yall broke bitches

  • Dominic Mei 34 mins ago

    F I X R A I J I N

  • Huey Freeman 34 mins ago

    😃😃😃things lookin up for Susano

  • Tycho Brandsma 34 mins ago

    Buff nu wa or hel they neef it

  • MiKoreHD 34 mins ago

    thanks for 2450 gems i guess…even tho they were suppose to be 5k

  • Ansatsu The PKK 34 mins ago

    Wait a sec,if this is the last patch of summer, where is the skin of Fenrir white with red line I have see in the trailer of summer?