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  • ______________ 6 mins ago

    i want fatal frame 5

  • Carlos Rainha 6 mins ago

    And Resident Evil 7 was released for the Switch already, but online only, in Japan.

  • Carlos Rainha 6 mins ago

    Switch really needs a good horror selection. Games like Outlast and Resident Evil are good, but in the end, the selection of horror games in the Switch is lacking, to say the least.

  • BAD VIBES 6 mins ago

    This is fake bro

  • Quinn Meche 6 mins ago

    damn the switch got some fucked up shit going on

  • Rodrigo Oviedo 6 mins ago

    fucking youtube adds …

  • Mr. :v 6 mins ago

    I really want Biohazard Resident evil 7 :'v

  • Ali Taimoor 6 mins ago

    First-person, first-person everywhere…

  • Helltio Everygames 6 mins ago

    Fuck Remothered,we're still fucking waiting for Ps4 game disc,better grab a website who pirate games,fuck them,they makes us wait sooo long and i bet everyone has already played the fucking game already.

  • Gwelaven 1.0 6 mins ago

    hi Im arabic fire like for you

  • Arsenal Gaming 6 mins ago

    Lust for darkness looks shit

  • May may 6 mins ago

    Lust for darkness looks exciting to play .the art is beautiful .