This video is an introduction to FOV for those that are new to driving games and simulators. If you already know your stuffing then you will probably want to watch …

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  • Porschenova 17 mins ago

    Enjoyed the video, where did you find the dashboard indicator, thank you.

  • PrintScreen 17 mins ago

    Funny as hell

  • Obito Uchiha 17 mins ago

    2:45 game? That doesnt look like assetto corsa

  • Link isn't clickable…

  • Benjamin Karslund 17 mins ago

    Also if you can't see the mirros just put your in-game seat position back a bit. That won't change the FOV but only the size of the cockpit.

  • Benjamin Karslund 17 mins ago

    I've heard that you just need to put your arms out and pretent you grap the edge of both sides of your screen and that angle/degrees your arms are at will be the degrees you have to put in your game settings for field of view. Is that true?
    I have a 65" screen and my eyes are 102 cm. away so my field of view would be 44 in that case.

  • clintan 17 mins ago

    Most sim racers sit to high anyway. Resting the fontanelle against the headliner. 2m tall dude in a mx5 kinda way. 😎

  • Mocha's Tavern 17 mins ago

    96 degrees exactly is the best fov to use. However zoom might be a problem in a few games.

  • gelfie 17 mins ago

    my preference is to drive with about half my drivers side mirror visible. I'm also using a 21:9 display and trackIR. In Assetto Corsa I can pretty much see over to the passenger edge of the windscreen. I'm not sure about Raceroom. It seems to cut off WAY too much of my dashboard… so still have some fiddling to do there.

  • Yann Larriau 17 mins ago

    "So what is the correct FOV […] I don't think there is one"

    It's fine to vulgarize things a little but I cringed a lot in this video… There IS one correct FOV for each person's setup, the compromise is when you want to widen that FOV for practicality purposes. But you can't just limit things to two options, low or wide FOV. Using a low FOV on a high FOV setup is just as unrealistic as the other way around (and maybe even worse)…

    The right FOV allows your brain to interpret distances and speed correctly, which is why you have much more control. This is also why everyone uses the braking line indicator in casual sims like Forza, it's because the FOV is so ludicrous your brain needs help.

    But if I slap a 40° fov on my 70° fov setup (and I have, for research purposes), I end up spinning out all the time because my brain cannot interpret what is going on, the same would happen in the opposite situation or if I use a 110° fov.

  • Qeycon 17 mins ago

    For me and my setup the right FoV would be around 120 degree.

  • James Price 17 mins ago

    Love your videos :L

  • Kjell Eilertsen 17 mins ago

    You still havent added the link near the end where the annotation says "link coming soon" 😉

  • Quacktics are Go 17 mins ago

    Being a new Simracer, coming from a FPS background, I immediately bunged the FOV on 100 degrees, thinking "Tis the best!"
    I've since bunged it down a tad, although I refuse to go below 90, as it's the bare minimum you swine.

  • ZeosPantera 17 mins ago

    You spread the word. I have done many years of arguing and pushing for proper FOV which can be calculated per screen and distance but yeah. Here is a nice lap of Bathurst in rfactor with High vs Low fov

  • Magic Unicorn 17 mins ago

    "if you've got a tiny screen, your fucked" lol

  • Brian O'Neill 17 mins ago

    Good vid but wheres the link ? 🙂

  • KainKugimiya51 17 mins ago

    Where's the link?

  • DrR1pper 17 mins ago

    Yes accurate FOV is better for the reasons you stated in the video….BUT the biggest disadvantage (or rather the advantage of higher FOV's) you failed to mention is the ability to look through (tighter) corners as your drive them.

    For example, if your FOV is sufficiently low that you are unable to see through/around a few of the corners as your attack them at the limit you don't have as much confidence which affects your ability to drive closer to the limit. Uncertainty about whether your going to run wide at the exit and/or miss the apex because you simply cannot see them. It's Incredibly frustrating when this happens and can affect your consistency and overall pace.

  • s e d e c i m 17 mins ago

    NEVER EVER use this abomination of a meme again: doge.

  • Sim Racing Blog 17 mins ago

    Great video. Thanks! 😀

  • socalledracing 17 mins ago

    😀 😀 just great 

  • Captain Marques 17 mins ago

    Great video, as usual!

  • Radicals Online 17 mins ago

    dude, you are the man 😀
    i am a FOV fetiche xD every time i see a wrong FOV i have to shout xD

  • Jagh Haringenamn 17 mins ago

    Once the oculus rift gets a better screen and GOOD integration with a game (Assetto Corsa for example) racing in video games will be far better than it is now.

    Source: I have an Oculus Rift, a G27 and Assetto Corsa.

  • BenUK1981 17 mins ago

    I really enjoy your vids bud. They have great humour. Cheers, Ben.

  • J-Duvel 17 mins ago

    well that's it, i'm subbed. Too funny how you explained high FOV. There are many uniformed "sim racers" with very strong opinions bordering on drivel, so it's refreshing to see you make fun of these guys (whether you intended it that way or not). Hope you do more like this.

  • wally19 17 mins ago

    i have a triple screen, a facetraking software (2 videos in my account) but i really really want the oculus 😀 that will change everything!

  • Craig Lager 17 mins ago

    So, does anyone have a recommended FOV for iRacing/Asseto Corsa using a single 1080p 23" monitor?

    Also, Rift can't come soon enough.

  • jasjeetsuri 17 mins ago

    Assetto Corsa, so fun, why wouldnt it be rising in popularity?