Trust GXT 288 PC Racing Wheel – If you’re in the market for a racing wheel for arcade driving video games, you may want to take a look at this. If you want one …

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  • GaminGHD 8 mins ago

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  • stinky boy 8 mins ago

    Dont buy this crap off shit becusse its sucks its the same name on like every button and its not even working great its has not even has turning and im using this wheel but im smashing it in to the floor when im using it its so fucking bad dont buy this shit i say it the last time Dont buy this shit

  • Василий Нужненков 8 mins ago

    Can I please. Dimensions of the platform that holds the steering wheel.?????

  • kaiden and kam gaming fnaf 8 mins ago

    Does it work on Xbox one

  • Kalzper 8 mins ago

    3:23 – XD LUL

  • alan jesus Kerbel 8 mins ago

    gran turismo 6??

  • I'm not quincy 8 mins ago

    Does it work for ps4

  • Can i play on PS3 with this steering wheel?

  • arranmc182 8 mins ago

    This a joke wheel its a direct copy of the Driving Force GT force feedback wheel by Logitech and joke is my DFGT cost less used than this rip off does new LMAO and my DFGT has proper feedback lol

  • Potato Master Race 8 mins ago

    when i tried playing nfs paypack with it the pedals didnt work

  • Mate F 8 mins ago

    Its good for rFactor?

  • Age RoordaNL 8 mins ago

    is it good for farming simulator 17

  • FanactiC 8 mins ago

    hahahahhahahahahah what voice hahahah

  • The Rolling Bear 8 mins ago

    Is it a good wheel to play omsi 2 with?

  • wilson ney de la Rosa Ortiz 8 mins ago

    hola , una consulta estoy por comprarlo quiero saber que tal es el volante y si sirve para el Euro truck simulador 2 , gracias de antemano

  • Beaver 8 mins ago

    This wheel hasFFB ?

  • bojack.sadman 8 mins ago

    Very good review 👆👆

  • eclap78 8 mins ago

    didn't know you have to sell your organs to buy a £220 wheel.

  • john hamlet 8 mins ago

    You sound like Roman Bellic

  • BBBanks 8 mins ago

    You look like a non-ginger coppercab

  • Tintin 8 mins ago

    Is it good for F1 Games????????

  • ROsky 8 mins ago

    How many bits does this wheel have?? I need to now

  • Just a simple chanal 8 mins ago

    is this good for forza horizon 3 ??

  • Nahuel Puig 8 mins ago

    Is this good for F1?

  • KM Footballers 8 mins ago

    Can u do it with Xbox

  • Rzy 150 8 mins ago

    does it work on forza horizon 3 pc or xbox or both

  • Jan Bloem 8 mins ago

    It's only marketed as a vibration feedback wheel. Any force feedback claims are from retailers and reviewers.

  • loeffen006 8 mins ago

    If you want to stick the pedals to the ground just put tape around it, problem solved

  • Luís Livro 8 mins ago

    [IMPORTANT] Is it good to play euro truck simulator 2?

  • ThatW0LF 8 mins ago

    Can I play DiRT 4 PS4 with this?

  • camelCased 8 mins ago

    Thanks for the review.

    Defender Forsage Sport might be somewhat better for the same price. Although they both might break soon, as reported by Defender users.

  • Ro Kings Trans Chanell 8 mins ago

    The peddals have USB to connect in the steering wheel??

  • torpormeister 8 mins ago

    hilarious, yet informative. I giggled sometimes and you did keep up my attention. good work!

  • Razvan Nicoara 8 mins ago

    it îs compatible with Xbox one?

  • sonic8644 8 mins ago

    does this wheel actually have force feedback? The place i bought it says it does but it doesnt seem to work for me in the game project cars

  • Jonathan Hiener 8 mins ago

    Interesting, it seems to be a combination of Logitech's Driving Force GT and the old Momo wheel…similar button placement to DFGT, yet the limited rotation of the Momo.

    I personally use a Driving Force Pro, which has the benefit of being very affordable ($20-30 USD on eBay), decent force feedback (inferior to DFGT), 900° of rotation, and good build quality/durability.

  • JINX该编辑 8 mins ago

    on pc

  • JINX该编辑 8 mins ago

    can i use this on forza horizon 3

  • MiraBella13 8 mins ago

    what game is at 9:00?

  • LuckyMircea L 8 mins ago

    your our channel is ddllro
    or something?