Impact Racing is a somewhat fun and repetitive cross between a shooter and arcade-style racer, developed by Funcom and published by Acclaim for Playstation …

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  • William Smith 9 mins ago

    I loved this game the second I checked it out…and I swear I'm the only one who could consider myself it's biggest fan. I don't recall anyone speaking positive on it (or even speaking of it at all!).

  • Daniel Thomas MacInnes 9 mins ago

    Funcom did a surprisingly good job on the Saturn version, very fast and fluid without background pop-up or glitching. You drive very fast, you shoot everything, you speed past explosions, what’s not to love?

  • III III 9 mins ago

    it looks pretty fun

  • Leefo 3 9 mins ago

    An upgraded version of roadblasters(arcade or NES).

  • Myfathairy AZZ 9 mins ago

    this game was a result of all the freeway shootings in Los Angeles in the late 80's early 90's

  • R9delta 9 mins ago

    Reminds me of Megarace.

  • Highretrogamelord 9 mins ago

    You have to kill everything that moves on your way to the goal?

    Hum, reminds me of the cult movie "Death Race 2000", lol