Another dose of the wonderful strategy RPG crossover Mario + Rabbids awaits in the new story DLC, Donkey Kong Adventure. Written by Michael Damiani …

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  • Brian Woo 12 mins ago

    Man I need to get back to Mario+Rabbids, but Dragon Quest Builders is just too addicting atm.

  • Kelvin Hartanto 12 mins ago

    You didn't put the reviewers and video editors' name in the video but you did in the YT video description :p

  • NintendoFreakX 12 mins ago

    Can you please do a review for captain toad's treasure tracker and octopath traveler?

  • Sunpraiser 12 mins ago


  • Alex Frostwalker 12 mins ago

    Man… how long did I missed any of this

  • Critical Reviews 12 mins ago

    Nice concise review!

  • Wild Link 12 mins ago

    3 hours? Damn you speed running this thing?

  • Autism Family 12 mins ago

    Are you guys going to review Octopath Traveler? I love your reviews.

  • Mr. Lomin 12 mins ago

    After watching this review. I keep refreshing for this week's episode of Friendcode. As a only Switch gamer and lifelong (20 years) Nintendo fan I am always craving for EZA Nintendo related content.

  • MarioDestroyer 12 mins ago

    While it's technically true that "it doesn't share progress with the main campaign"
    it's important to note, that you DO need to have finished World 1 from it
    in at least 1 save file to access the DK Adventure in the 1st place.

  • Dizcrowell 12 mins ago

    The DLC is absolutely worth your money. I never beat the main campaign but this expansion is 🔥

  • jcnba28 12 mins ago

    Looking forward to jumping back into the game. Great work from Ubisoft and Nintendo.

  • Richard Perez 12 mins ago

    Jones always delivers the best reviews. I swear he never sleeps. :p #One man show

  • Snowcone Guy 12 mins ago

    I love DLC reviews. <3
    Way to go!

  • Defeated_Hero 12 mins ago

    Excellent DLC, finished it a couple of days ago. Took me rather 8-10 hours (without doing the post-game challenges) than Damiani's stated 3-4 hours to complete it, but apart from that I fully agree with the review. Even if you're usually not into strategy games, this game is worth a look.

  • Megan Linart 12 mins ago

    Another top review! Don’t have this game but watched it anyway.

  • General Woofles 12 mins ago

    I need to get back to this DLC. Got side tracked with Mario Tennis and then Octopath Traveler showed up and well… I won't be getting back to it anytime soon.

  • Christian Eddins 12 mins ago

    Good score! Excited to hop into this eventually

  • Atlas Films 12 mins ago

    Correction: You can buy the Donkey Kong dlc separate from the season pass for $14.99.