Hey, here’s another game Matt didn’t plan to review but upon doing some digging, he decided to check it out. A nice little look at one of the more obscure games …

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  • Pernico Pernico 26 mins ago

    Not ugry with u on all , its a good sonic game for the neo geo pocket color .

  • SlashStrikeZ136 26 mins ago

    2:19 it's scrap brain.

  • Suedeash 26 mins ago

    I'm guessing you played this on an emulator. Trust me, the half pipe is WAY easier with the clicky stick

  • Loopie Bleamio 26 mins ago

    I can never beat sonic adventure 1 or 2 yet

  • 90sNath Archive 26 mins ago

    2:27 Or maybe it's just a port of sonic 2 with different names, for unknown reasons

  • outerspace470 26 mins ago

    sonic the hedgehog 2's soundtrack isn't owned by SEGA, so that's why they didn't use it

  • Tails The Fox 26 mins ago

    i beat this game in a day… with all emeralds

  • That one guy who commented on your video 26 mins ago

    I beat sonic cd… The mobile version

  • Setriex 26 mins ago

    You used cheats in Sonic 1!? PREPARE FOR A MOUTHFUL OF TOMATOES!

  • Miguel Escobar 26 mins ago

    I came here because IGN gave it a 10/10 andh heard you say it aswell

  • Sub Zero The Ice Ninga 26 mins ago

    The knuckles boss theme is flying battery zone.

  • Elizabeth Ricken 26 mins ago

    Ive beaten Sonic Spinball and this game.

  • FiZzLE 030 26 mins ago

    at first glance i thought the game was horrible, then i found it was your videos horrible framerate, not the game.

  • Cody Nutt 26 mins ago

    ID GIVE IT 19/10!

  • Knux576 26 mins ago

    Why's this video's framerate so low?

  • EmpressMystique 26 mins ago

    I grew up in the 90's and I have never beaten a 2D Sonic game, I horribly suck at them without cheat codes to this day. I am good at a few levels, I suck at bosses and collecting Chaos Emeralds.

  • Juckle 26 mins ago

    My friend bought one of those and now I have it. I traded him a xbox 360 controller for it.

  • TvSonic Serbia 26 mins ago

    You couldnt complete Sonic CD!!!!It was first Sonic game I completed!Sonic 1 and 2 were too hard for me,so I started with CD!

  • Neo Addison 26 mins ago

    Neo Geo Pocket Color & Neo south island.Neo is my name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Pwing HD 26 mins ago

    I think I'm the only one who sees neo south isle as more of a green hill zone level with sonic 2 enemies and sonic 3 music. It's just the palette and the sprite designs. They look more like green hill. And also the background is like green hill.

  • Felipe araujo mafra 26 mins ago

    have it even this days and im have sonic pocket adventure too

  • Simon Platt 26 mins ago

    I like the remix's in this.

  • Stray-Zer0 26 mins ago

    from the little digs i get the hint this guy hates sonic 2?…. :/

  • Jeremy Seal 26 mins ago

    The music was different because they lost the rights to dreams come true's music.

  • Jeremy Seal 26 mins ago

    Its mecha-sonic.

  • MegaSuperab 26 mins ago

    Sonic Classic Collection's Theme is Neon Green Zone's music!

  • RAQUAAHWA TheCodedtestament 26 mins ago

    This game is one of the best for the Neo Pocket. If you like Sonic or platform games at all you have got to get this one.A perfect game. Don't expect a whole lot new if you have played this on the Genesis. The thing is, that is what is so great. Nothing is lost from the console version.

  • Renán .Mascorro 26 mins ago

    hey metropolis zone hast the original scrap brain background