Here’s some tips, tricks, thoughts and impressions about Valve’s strange new frontier into the living room. Timestamps for topical breakdowns: Controller support: …

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  • Kasri 5 mins ago

    I got xbox one controllers working right away, It's easy. Turn on the controller, hold the small sync button in the front of the controller then when it's blinking fast it will pop up in the bluetooth menu.

  • Nrvous 5 mins ago

    Lmao just drag your computer to the living room and use an HDMI controller

  • colonforsecs 5 mins ago

    Please revisit the steam link, all the issues you've addressed have been dealt with.

  • Maxonerous X 5 mins ago

    And I, and many others got one for $10 including shipping in the summer steam sale. All hail Lord Gaben

  • LozzieWills 5 mins ago

    The Steam Link – as far as I know – doesn't actually advertise this but you can wire an ethernet cable straight to your PC from the steam link and completely bypass the router. You won't get Steam Link Updates, but the framerate it better.

  • The Anxiety Patrol 5 mins ago

    A really long hdmi

  • Zuluseless 5 mins ago

    I can't believe valve is pretty much giving these away in sales now, I will get one of these things next sale!

  • It's a me Mario 5 mins ago

    Just get the Nvidia shield console.

  • Dene Robbins 5 mins ago

    Nice review but for the xbox 360 going wireless it works if you use a Microsoft Xbox360 USB Wireless Receiver

  • Golden Mark 5 mins ago

    I just bought it for 5$ +7$ shipping on Steam Autumn sales!

  • Hdlof Aitler 5 mins ago

    So it boosts the fps up too?great:D i have a 2008 pc too

  • tinmaptd 5 mins ago

    hey Super Bunnyhop, since you got steamlink and pcsx2 working, how did you get over the controller problem?
    My set up used to work, but it was running at a horrendous framerate, not sure why. Now I fixed it but now the controller doesn't work. Steam links dont recognize the controller as a controller, it think of it as a keyboard. Weird thing is, When turn on the steam links and before logging into a pc, I can go to setting, and the steam link detect my controller, Logitech Dual Action, and I can map button, etc, everything works. When I go to big picture mode,and go to setting and try to map controller, it doesn't work. It doesn't detect any of the button, and cannot map any button. But the controller can still be use just fine during menu. I even factory reset it and it still didn't work. You have any ideas?

  • Joey Verspuij 5 mins ago

    Nintendo switch pro controller works too

  • Amir Rees 5 mins ago

    Yeah, a lot of people know this but I'll just put it down here for reference – The newer Xbox One controllers can link with bluetooth, so yeah. Should be fine.

  • Kelpo Koivaara 5 mins ago

    If you're planning to use emulators just add the emulator games to steam. There are guides for this atleast for PCSX2 and Dolphin.

  • Yung Whizkay 5 mins ago

    very good review, clear voice and good aspects

  • Suzuki Halwende 5 mins ago

    0:08 Seinfeld

  • ChozoSR388 5 mins ago

    I think you're using the wrong term; a "deal breaker" is usually a bad thing.

  • San Hydraxon 5 mins ago

    Ordered 1 today for 1.1€ (+15€ shipping)

  • Gillian Seed 5 mins ago

    the xbox dpad sucks playstation dpad is great

  • Wesley 5 mins ago

    On sale for only $1 if you buy ICEY for $7.69

  • Diversity Is Our Strength 5 mins ago

    Wired Wiimote

  • GeoffryHawk 5 mins ago

    Xbox one controllers didn't natively have bluetooth at this time; I have newer Xbox one controllers that have native blue tooth I can't make use of because my PC hasn't got a bluetooth adapter, the MOBO is just a little too old to have it integrated, but they bluetooth fine to my Surface Pro and the like.

  • MrThirtyTwo 5 mins ago

    great for me, i can just throw my cat-6 cable through my floor and into my basement where The PCs are hels because we have nowhere else theyll fit.

  • TidyWire 5 mins ago

    So to summarise. Using it for Steam and Steam oriented games alone is more or less a simple procedure but pushing it to it's limits by utilising emulators and shit is a pain in the ass. Still seems like a decent purchase for the asking price.

  • HDose 5 mins ago

    Made my own Steam link with a Raspberry Pi 3 via Moonlight and the only problem is that my Ethernet cable aren't Cat 6 yet, hence im getting noticeable lag when playing/streaming Dirt 3.

  • SebHS 5 mins ago

    I think if you don't have a god pc this isn't meant for you, just bought one and I am currently returning it. My computer can run games fine; however, streaming the games to my living room causes huge problems for my pc, and the games are just awfully streamed, with stuttering, freezing, audio problems, and many more.

  • pazzoeo 5 mins ago

    You should revisit it, it's become much better over time.