Plants vs. Zombies 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 667! Spear-Mint Battlez Gameplay! PART 1 ▻ PLAYLIST ▻ …

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  • Mijilloh Ajero 3 mins ago

    Sa ra tan. Ok so ugly I don’t have to be a mom to be with yaoqm aiq Ismail sjambok Zia s is Yama wpsja x I am so excited sika a as sjsiyeeets slwlwpwlwsssqaoa Anna blaaaaaaaaa

  • sengkit lee 3 mins ago

    winter mint. pepper mint. enforcement. enlighten mint. enchant mint. conceal ment

  • Flame cRow-Gaming/music 3 mins ago

    Great video keep up the good work

  • Janlee Caslias 3 mins ago

    Thank goodness nobody is talking about ep.666

  • Royal Ghost 3 mins ago

    4:13 wut

  • crbastow 3 mins ago

    I have parsnip 🙂

  • EpicFaceGamer/Roblox 3 mins ago

    Will there be another power mint?

  • KittensFlare GD 3 mins ago

    Its been so long since I've watched your vids

  • Spencer Huyck 3 mins ago

    the next mint is either pepper mint or enchant mint, theres stat mechanics for spear mint, pepper mint and enchant mint even though all 14 of the families have come so the buffs and bruises update could work

  • Jan Berky 3 mins ago

    já ji mám taky kopřivu

  • Andy Nelson 3 mins ago

    I have a bloom a rang strat it might do better just replace the laserbeans with them

  • Plants vs Zombies Gameplay 3 mins ago

    I think you should bring Bowling Bulb

  • Jackson Hamilton Winged Pikmin 3 mins ago

    I Have No Mints But I Almost Have Spear

  • Jackson Hamilton Winged Pikmin 3 mins ago

    You Can Replace Rotobaga With Dandelion
    Edit Dandelion Does It Better

  • Jackson Hamilton Winged Pikmin 3 mins ago

    Best Strat Ever. Gold Bloom Aloe Fire Pea Grave Guy and Rotobaga

  • dkgong 3 mins ago

    GB, LBx2, B-m, S-m. I can get over 5M with this lineup. Also if you didn’t know you can use plant food on mints now to remove cool down.

  • NZ Games 3 mins ago

    The Spear Mint is good I'm using it for quite the time. And is noice

  • Santiago Matias 3 mins ago

    Can you plz do the next video only in battlez pls

  • Dpื Tpv 3 mins ago

    Zackscottes play identity v plz. 😉

  • MrJahanGuy 3 mins ago

    The mint for ice plants should be named "Refresh-mint"

  • Austin Eppel 3 mins ago

    Where in Colorado I live there

  • alfian2611 alfian 3 mins ago

    This is icon spear-mint look like a scissors. Hahahahaaha😂

  • Mandark Man 3 mins ago


  • Lyndsey Lamb 3 mins ago

    Your a hacker

  • Crystals Gaming PVZ 2 Battlez 3 mins ago

    Awesome! Nice game play!

  • johnmax santos sick war legacy 3 mins ago

    So pas

  • Leong Choong Tuck 3 mins ago

    use pepper-pult

  • Gunnar Austin 3 mins ago


  • Dinero Chaser 3 mins ago

    My little sister deleted plants vs zombies on my phone when i had alot of progress and I dont even remember the things i put
    😔😔 just press this so I can remember my password

  • Xiaojuan Wang 3 mins ago

    the bombard mint on the practice battlez was EPIC

  • Joe Mttz 3 mins ago

    zack how to get candi

  • Pokemon Hokemon 3 mins ago


  • Pokemon Hokemon 3 mins ago

    "Entrapmint" new idea 🙂

  • Miguel Barraza 3 mins ago


  • TheSpinner Tokener 3 mins ago

    2/3 to 1000!

  • Randal of Officalduckstudios 3 mins ago

    “Use that later right” zack is going to beat his meat to a fucking plant

  • Mister Mystery 3 mins ago


  • bebeluș123 3 mins ago

    How to have this 1×1 resolution? Its cool

  • travis tacoz 3 mins ago

    I'm back