One of the more well known pixel horror games, The Crooked Man has some pretty crooked gameplay. Nitro Rad on Facebook – …

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  • Northychen 7 mins ago

    Akne how you found out about the crocked man sounds like the beginning of a creepy pasta

  • AntasmaSonic 7 mins ago

    10:19 is the code 2515? I just tried to translate the binary numbers.

  • Dianna Stroud 7 mins ago

    Please do not put a gun to your head like that. I know your finger wasn't on the trigger (and that you made this video almost four years ago), but for some reason it really bothered me. I've read about too many accidents.

  • Kieran Englefield 7 mins ago

    I'm binging your horror videos at night I think I'm just gonna wait it out in my well light room upstairs who needs sleep or bathroom breaks when your scared as shit

  • The Shinobi 7 mins ago

    Gameplay: Bad+
    Story: Good+

  • derpyz muffinz 7 mins ago

    I think jumpscares are fine as long as something scary happens afterwards

  • I love your videos 🙂 more than I like that DD jacket

  • kepripep 7 mins ago

    Really great explanation about why jumpscares aren't actually scary! I've never been able to explain it before, but you nailed it.

  • HYPER WAVE 7 mins ago

    saving issues are not issues you pussy

  • Convergeman 7 mins ago

    did anyone else turn down the volume when he explained how easy it was to make jumpscares?

  • What's the song that goes until 1:50?

  • N8v_Gamer_ 03_Boy 7 mins ago

    I don't know why when you easily made that jumpscare I was like "you foreshadowing bastard, if you use this in the middle of the video I'm completely done with you!" And I was getting into your review and seeing how you liked the game but I was slowly expecting the jumpscare you made.

  • Brownie 7 mins ago

    Damn, I remember this game back when I was a lil brownie.
    I pussied out the first time I saw the crooked man.

  • Some Guy 7 mins ago

    Honestly, the story really made the gameplay forgivable for me.
    Seriously, I'd actually consider it one of my favorites just for the story.

  • ZorotheGallade 7 mins ago

    Well, those numbers weren't really binary but numbers in base 2. I think there is a document in the game where it even explains how to convert numbers from a base to another.

  • Toadboydude 7 mins ago

    I laughed so hard at the first jumpscare!

  • ACEnBEAKY 7 mins ago

    So basically, it needs to be an anime movie….

  • Clear Toothbrush 7 mins ago

    OH gee wow where have that sound familiar from?

  • Jeremy Crow 7 mins ago

    Either your prop gun lacks an orange tip, which isn't the best idea, or you used an actual hand gun, which is a horrifyingly stupid idea. Always treat a gun like it's loaded kids!

  • Natasha Arriaga 7 mins ago

    What is the song playing t 12:00?

  • Starry - P 7 mins ago

    I agree with you on the jump scares. That’s why I’m not putting any in my game.

  • Starry - P 7 mins ago

    I thought it said “ the cooked man” seriously though that would have been terrifying too

  • Ibiles Fighter 3.1 7 mins ago

    10:12 why is there a 5?

  • Stephanie Barry 7 mins ago

    I miss this intro!! <3 So intense.

  • -Hopeless situation Warrior- 7 mins ago

    review palette

  • -Hopeless situation Warrior- 7 mins ago

    agree about the jumpscares but i feel the beginning 20 minutes of the game are heavy with scary atmosphere although on the other end of the spectrum I think after 10 minutes the game(puzzles) becomes meandering and boring

  • SmellTheLGaming 7 mins ago

    3:03 literally scared me

  • rib rob 7 mins ago

    This is a fact if you have a save feature you must have an autosave feature to a company it

  • Death Maniac 7 mins ago

    Hey Nitro. Uri has actually created three sequels to the crooked man. The second game is the Sand man. The third is the Boogey man. And the fourth is the Hanged man

  • TheMarionick 7 mins ago

    The main character looks like Light from Death Note

  • Adidas Bandit 7 mins ago

    Theres a uh… a 5 in the binary as well as a 4. 10:18

  • Theroseboy11 7 mins ago

    Man this game is SOOO DATED! (and overrated)

  • Patapon Complete Soundtrack 7 mins ago

    Thank you for calling out how crap jumpscares are.

  • Ene Shiro 7 mins ago

    You just sounded like the bullshitman xD

  • XOXONAOTCHAN _ 7 mins ago

    Love you bro but you forgetting to save ain't the games fault.