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  • Jillian Fudali 1 day ago

    This is one of my favorite games, please do more, I love this series!!

  • Will Stewart 1 day ago

    Why is there a Scar SSR with a PMII in the backround?

  • Angela B 1 day ago

    i miss when board af was this long

  • Halberdier 1 day ago

    I can understand that they were all afraid of getting jumped by zombies but… come on! Seriously? Are they saying that if they witnessed a car crash irl they wouldn't try to help the victims at all?

  • sweaterguy 1 day ago

    funny how Wes says hes gonna be fine… hes the least fine person in the game

  • Mr. Universe 1 day ago

    I made the big mistake of eating while watching this

  • Dude191 1 day ago

    Has anyone else noticed that the minis are the same ones as from Zombicide?

  • Gobind Sunner 1 day ago

    The perfect team with all personalities

  • Naren Gurrier-Jones 1 day ago

    I would gm a fungus zombies game

  • Elliott Katzenmaier 1 day ago

    Why does Joven have a SCAR H behind him?

  • suga kookie 1 day ago

    Wow Wes has been so unlucky 🙁

  • suga kookie 1 day ago

    "Telling people how to do things and thier telling me to go away" Same though

  • Chris The MAN and Montae The BADASS 1 day ago

    Who wishes this was a movie

  • Azure Voltic 1 day ago

    Anybody know where i can find this game?

  • GoatGamez 1 day ago

    "Your zombie plan will fail"
    Wes must fail

  • YvoryVlogs 1 day ago

    Where can I get in contact with this guy to come over to our place?

  • kidgirl12luvscompnrd 1 day ago

    "Im gonna be fine" says the man who is most definitely not gonna be fine

  • Dylan K 1 day ago

    Were those airsoft guns in the background ?

  • Cash Lintner 1 day ago

    Zombicide callback

  • JhayKrul 1 day ago

    Watching in 2018 hopefully smosh games play this again

  • ScorBug92 1 day ago

    Has anyone else noticed thru this whole game Joven and Lcorn move almost the exact same ways at the same time?

  • ScorBug92 1 day ago


  • LizzieDlove 1 day ago

    Watching this a year later and honestly… the bleating was the scariest part.

  • Bacon90Bits 1 day ago

    What personality test did they take?

  • julian johnson 1 day ago

    Aaaaaaa I was eating string cheese as I was watching this whyyyyyyy

  • Raquel 1 day ago

    If I saw someone biting off flesh, I'd think it's because they're on flakka (too real) X.X

  • Minedragon 400 1 day ago

    Man, I love zombie games, but I am fucking weak, and now paranoid. I should stop watching horror type stuff.

  • jason linske 1 day ago

    Am I the only one questioning the fuck Ton of guns in the room

  • DungeonMaster Hayden 1 day ago

    Hey he played in fury's fate (don't quote me on the fate part)

  • Tatera 1 day ago

    Honestly, if anyone is with me in the apocalypse it better be Wes. The dude is well-prepared for anything i s2g.
    Seriously though, they let the one dude that is the survivalist of the group be left..?? wowie.

  • Dan Shanahan 1 day ago

    Wait… Does this game lead into the events of the previous game?

  • Christopher Miller 1 day ago

    Who ever edited this did an amazing with the sounds

  • Jack Morrissy 1 day ago

    Joven is bored.bored af

  • Vanessa Heartfilia 1 day ago

    I almost did a spit take, it's so funny

  • Shirley Morris 1 day ago

    Wesley snipes