Bayonetta 2 is a classic in the making, and one of the finest, most wonderfully insane action games ever made. Read our in-depth review at …

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  • Joseph Morales 25 mins ago

    This game is bad ass as fuck

  • itsAlex64 25 mins ago

    Switch owners are blessed with this game

  • OrgaNism 25 mins ago

    Remember the thumbnail they used for the first bayonetta review 😂😂😂

  • StryderK 25 mins ago

    Coming back here to watch the lolz after my Bae Bae gets her third game and is now in Smash! And yes, the comments….WAHHHHHH!!!!! The no multe-plahzzz! WAHHHH!!!!!!! This game sux! WAHHHH!!!!!The grapeex!!!!! LOL!

  • shymickey6 25 mins ago

    Looks chaotic.

  • WonderBeaver007 25 mins ago

    Bayonetta came to steam I bought, beat, and loved it. Went out and bought this and played it all night and beat it in one night.

  • Dallin Nguyen 25 mins ago

    the voice is very similar with the guy on playstation access

  • Calvin Mehaffey 25 mins ago

    There are minor frame dips, that means the game isn't perfect. So it cant get a 10!!!

  • iyaayas 25 mins ago

    just picked up a wii u for cheap. selling my pos xbox with b03 to get some games for the U!!!

  • Constantine 25 mins ago

    Too bad the physical version is out of production in the states. Only way to get it is to get the digital download, buy it online for $70+ (like all early Wii u games), or get lucky and find it at a retailer.

  • David McKee 25 mins ago

    UUUHHH Bayonetta 2 looks deliciously sickalicious, ommfg damn. I may just have get a Wii U cause that looks like some damn good fun. Considering I bet the fuck outta the first Bayonetta got all the achievements and still find the game one helluva fun time.

  • MadOrange644 25 mins ago

    Even though i want to see this on a more powerful console like the PS4, it's better to have Bayonetta 2 than no Bayonetta at all. Good job Nintendo. Hopefully Nintendo asks for a new Bayonetta for NX.

  • Just started Bayonetta 1 again on ps3 cause i never finished it. Right now I'm loving my new 3ds with the new head tracking camera and it makes me want a Wii U. Gosh at some point I'm gonna get one cause there's just nothing like Nintendo. As much as I LOVE ps3 and ps4, Nintendo just has some undeniable great games.

  • Den Zel 25 mins ago

    I think this game is a bit overrated. Should've been an 8.5 or 9

  • Dylan James 25 mins ago

    What's up, guys. Good For You! degree ad hoc What do you think, guys? !!!

  • Samuel James 25 mins ago

    Looks like SEGA still got it ..

  • Nicholas Kong 25 mins ago

    awesome game. finished it on hard mode! I will recommend all to try it out!

  • Wenceslao Futanaki 25 mins ago

    Been playing games since 1985 and i would never, i mean NEVER EVER, would put down a 10/10 game after playing just the first level, as it is the case with this one,I got tons of other games this site rated lower in way higher steem than this..

  • X-Play Archive 25 mins ago

    Did anyone else buy a Wii u just for this game?

  • Wenceslao Futanaki 25 mins ago

    Damn i bought this game and is NOT a 10/10 game, 8.5 AT BEST. Im glad i got it and shit… BUT IS NOT 10/10 AND WILL NEVER BE!

  • James McLoad 25 mins ago

    Gamespot has gone from being one of the most honest review sites on the internet to one of the most pretentious, inconsistent, uninformative, politically correct and downright boring ones.

  • Boyd Crowder 25 mins ago

    This game seems like it was made by a gay man.  Doesn't Bayonetta look FABULOUS! Beating those enemies just seems MARVELOUS!

  • gagongflip389 25 mins ago

    Aww man i love the first bayonetta it was so much fun. Now i gotta get a wii-u just to play this.

  • Cole Lapp 25 mins ago

    Warning, get outta of this video. Go to gamexplain or miiverse, because these guys are liars that won't admit the truth.

  • Skazzze 25 mins ago

    i dont like Jap-manga-karaoke-electric-guitarr kind of games.. the games Mario Cart, Smash bros and Bayonetta are all decent games but fucking hell, the music in theese games are pain.. 

  • Nathan Theissen 25 mins ago

    Does it bother anybody else that he is spamminng the same combo on all the enemies?

  • Bucky Monk 25 mins ago

    10/10? Hmm, paid-for much?
    Its pretty decent, yeah. Framerate issues, cheesy dialogue, stupid story, etc. All details you would take points off other games for? Gamespot, you prove again you cannot be trusted.

  • KalHimself 25 mins ago

    Why do people still take stabs at each other over consoles? -_- Just shut up and let's all enjoy games together.

  • danhar2688 25 mins ago

    Salty casuals everywhere. 

  • DarkMetalOverlord - The God Of Xbox Destruction 25 mins ago

    Can't rush perfection! XD

  • gilgamesh310 25 mins ago

    This is a good game, but it does not deserve a 10. It may be one of the best in the genre, but this is a genre that showed very little evolution since its inception. Far too often, the combat comes down to simple button mashing. The bosses can sometimes be quite a bore as a result. Whittling down health bar after health bar gets pretty old after a while. It's a very well paced game though, with very little filler, so I'd definitely give it a recommendation, but it's not a masterpiece. Games like Half Life 2 and Resident Evil 4 deserved a 10 much more so.

  • Blester 25 mins ago

    I bought Bayonetta 2 based on this review, and let me say, it's not an hyperbolic review from Gamespot, it's really that good. Period. So far, my favorite mode is the Tag Climax Online, it's very challenging and rewarding, i just love the idea of playing with a partner to defeat a giant boss together but without extracting the competitive asset between the two players, betting halos on the difficulty you know you can handle, it gives little reward to those who can't handle higher difficulties but it punishes the greedy/prideful players who think they can handle the highest one. Also you don't have to pay for playing online.

  • Chaloux 25 mins ago

    10/10 ?

    Muddafcking 10? Im out..