Steam version. Still in the forest, Christopher Adams undergoes the remaining trials. ▻Please consider sharing/rating this video to help the channel grow.

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  • Sergio m 46 mins ago

    18:37 OK, that was actually scary.

  • Matt199 46 mins ago

    That last scare got me so good. I now know what my extreme involuntary horror/death roar sounds like. It was like a loud 1 sec long audio recording of a pack a day cigarette smoking howler monkey that was set on fire. Neat.

  • No Way 46 mins ago

    Indeed a slow start but the story really intrigued me beyond the first episode.
    A worthy watch. Last video was awesome and that scare made me jump..holy shit.
    GG, and thanks for sharing.

  • Alexander Willow 46 mins ago

    I personally didn't think the game was that great, but it wasn't bad.

  • midnight ruby 46 mins ago

    im 8 month pregnant and around 18:40 that girl scared the crap out of me and the baby. I felt it startle, good on ya game scaring things that can't even see it

  • Othaia 46 mins ago

    Just watched this series and man what a good find! watching you go through it was a blast! I don't know if you'll see this Cju but in the description of the vid it says Warhammer xD

  • Omg the jumpscare made my feet tingle fucking creepy hahah, enjoyed this!

  • Alexander Taylor 46 mins ago

    the fact that there weren't any jumpscares throughout almost the whole game made the one jumpscare at the end that much more impactful

  • stephanie elliott 46 mins ago

    I loved this game ☁💟💟☁💟💟☁
    ☁☁☁💟☁☁☁ very interesting, dark and adventurous. I watched it working out and that's a good sign, cause some of the dark indie games make me a bit drowsy and then I fall asleep lol
    So a good story and mysterious atmosphere without cheap jump scares is perfect and so was this. Can't wait for another game like this 😻

  • Taryn Allan 46 mins ago

    19:52 – I was that very naysayer. 😛

  • Jubrown17 46 mins ago

    That last scare tho

  • RareGamer91 46 mins ago

    Heard of a game called Darkwood? think it's something you'd enjoy

  • Harrison Ford 46 mins ago

    When can we expect a walkthrough for The Land of Pain now that its fully out?

  • Sean Dudge 46 mins ago

    Good lord that jump scare at the end made me throw my phone. Awesome play through man, that was a pretty solid game

  • Sam Klappstein 46 mins ago

    Haha yep that scare really got me too lol. Pretty good title overall, glad you played it!

  • Boo Sweets 46 mins ago

    I don't about this game. It went to a girl being tormented and caged to mines to cult… It's connected but the places just seem out of the main theme. But that really good jump scare got me too XD probably the very best one though I knew it was bound to happen since the camera is a click and flash. The ending though. Am I missing something? I don't get it? Is he stuck on the stairs forever? lol Bad ending with no closure but good puzzles and intense parts.

  • Hiddy Alf 46 mins ago

    I swear my phone flew off my hand during the creepy, that last part. 😂

  • Ani Sims 46 mins ago

    I'm just getting here, I hope this episode is as exciting as the other ones!

  • Maskinkultur 46 mins ago

    So, I'm guessing Adams was the one who wrote about the doctor and his daughter, without checking the facts, which caused the accusations of rape against the doctor. Because of this, the doctor then killed himself, after forming a sort of sect together with some other people, and finally returned from the dead to take his revenge on Adams (being the "monster") — or make him atone for his lies? Okay, not that bad, although the sect could probably have been left out in favour of focusing more on Adams and the doctor, and the possible "unmaking" of the monster(s), which was sadly left out, but I'm guessing Adams was condemned to forever walk those stairs…

  • Bernardes Fellipe Cruz 46 mins ago

    Great game play dude, i will let my suggestion for another game, how about white day?

  • GallyiTravels 46 mins ago

    this part was just… GREAT hahahaaa!!!!!

  • UniqueSKD 46 mins ago

    Okay, having the ball of light split into three orbs is one thing, but when it breaks into loads of them at once that's just horsescat bullshit. Also, that ending! What the hell, dude?

    Also, for a game that is titled Stairs? Not that many stairs if you ask me.

  • Cinnabunn 46 mins ago

    Second time watching a play-through of this game and I still enjoyed it. Thank you for taking time out of your day to play it.

  • zeratulcraft 46 mins ago

    Holy shit that last scare got me so good too!

  • tinimaus1986 46 mins ago

    And so he walked down and was never seen again. Fin. I liked it!

  • Alex Olinkiewicz 46 mins ago

    What goes through the minds of these developers when they come up with these very disappointing endings?

  • Alex Kapral 46 mins ago

    Hahahahaha 18:40 CJU that was amazing! Really enjoyed watching this, not the best ending in the universe but I'm really happy you played this! Can't wait to see what's next.

  • Rachel Diabo 46 mins ago

    Everytime you post an additional part, I jump right in with you. Was very enjoyable! I screamed out loud at that last jump scare! Wow