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  • Negative Legend 19 mins ago

    Support the channel and you'll get to vote on what video I do next:

  • I want a game duel masters for pc or android mobile 😀

  • NITIN KUTTY 19 mins ago

    Is there game of dual master in mobile

  • Yusei255 19 mins ago

    It died before it even started

    Not that it wasn't bad

    As I did like the concept

    But it's popularity just never took off

  • Cie Talvon 19 mins ago

    i do remember looking at dual master with some intrest but i couldent get into how the game was played and i was then more drawn to chaotic.

  • Cie Talvon 19 mins ago


  • Uğur Suplegends 19 mins ago

    Omg i remembered that know

  • vert2552 19 mins ago

    I still have my all cards, especially super rare Ballom (the hardcore card of main villian, dark type)

  • Marian M 19 mins ago

    God I loved this card game back in 2004/05

  • TheSecretsUrdu 19 mins ago

    In Pakistan duel masters was pretty big thing in 2006 …but faded away after few years I still have my cards tho

  • AKollo TV 19 mins ago

    Sick background music choice brooo!

  • Drew E 19 mins ago

    Duel masters was lit. Who agrees?

  • Weeaboos Hunter 19 mins ago

    i have a huge duel masters collection, big fan here
    They need to start resell these in Europe and make a proper online game out of it

  • MCRroxas 19 mins ago

    I got into Duel Masters as a kid from their McDonald's promotion. I remember seeing the new mixed cards and then all of a sudden everything was gone. It wasn't in stores and I was confused as heck as a kid at it's sudden disappearance.

  • Yuan Jie Low 19 mins ago

    They should make an app for duel masters to be played on phones, similar to the yugioh duel link game. Duel masters was so fun back in the days

  • HiveMind DogDanzo 19 mins ago

    great video. i was wondering what happened to this tcg… i still have 70 cards and the ps2 game😂😂😂😂

  • Carl Artel 19 mins ago

    I only like the Artworks
    I hate the mechanics and the Anime SSUUCCCKKK!!!!😣

  • Krillestyle07 19 mins ago

    Who remember Cubix?

  • Sara Mantilaro 19 mins ago

    I still play both of the games on my gameboy sp, I must be the only one in italy doing that

  • Shuichi Saihara 19 mins ago

    My friends bought me the whole Avatar the Last Airbender trilogy on DVD and I was really hyped and when I have DVDS, I watch the previews, there was a lot of nostalgia with the old Spongebob and Fairly Odd Parents and then I hear "An ultimate card game…" Said by a narrator and I was like "Oh hell yeah, Yugioh commercial." then I hear "DUEL MASTERS" and I almost screamed because I felt like I was transported to another universe

  • MarcaF7 19 mins ago

    It was fun until super overpowered cards were released. Bombazar etc…

  • DanIsAnOwlNow 19 mins ago

    Do Monsuno next!

  • Alucard 19 mins ago

    Can someone recommend me some good fresh TCG?
    Just write other than MtG (with 10 millions of cards) and unbalanced Yu-Gi-Oh.

  • Zero Gunz 19 mins ago

    What Happened to Battle Spirits?

  • Leron Martyr 19 mins ago

    Do medabots!!

  • LINK JOKER 19 mins ago

    WTF! Point out any one similarity btw duel masters and yugioh ripoff? 🤣Yugioh sucks while duel masters is the best

  • JEFF LYN 19 mins ago

    What I don't get is why do all card games need to make a meta? Why can't they keep balance in the game and the reason people win is they used there card resources better, some card draw luck, and overall ability to set up faster. When creating a meta game maker's & license holders make 90% of cards unusable with everyone playing the same 4 decks. It becomes a question why did you all even print the other 400 cards when everyone who wants to win (everyone) is going to play with the same 120 cards.

  • Twitchyboi 78 19 mins ago

    i whent to greece last year and they still sold them i got some cards

  • SirPreyasThe619 19 mins ago

    I remember watching a handful of episodes of the show but I wasn't into the game b/c
    I could never figure out the rules.
    Great vid!

  • Vega Yagami 19 mins ago

    I hope this game comes back. It was actually easy to play. I have all 3 gba games.