Did you know about this game. I said did you know about this game. This is Grimy Games part 1 and did you know about this game! Been wanting to do a video …

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  • Rawman 38 mins ago

    A special thanks to everyone who supports this channel it really does mean a lot. The summer destroyed my motivation for making videos badly! And also thanks to Brain In A Cat for letting me sample his twirly background for my thumbnail lol.

    I hope you enjoy this video there should be more Grimy Games in the future.

  • The Clique Gaming 38 mins ago

    Very enjoyable gameplay bro! Massive like and dropped a sub! Keep it up! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‘Œ

  • MUMS-Universe 38 mins ago

    "🎢I do not know this game…" But it looks like a interesting 1. πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ˜Š

  • Devis613 38 mins ago

    This video is great!

  • Lovl epioh uos youoiu

  • Daaaamn 38 mins ago

    Halo did start it but halo was revolutionary although I’ve been more of a PlayStation fanboy. I still did enjoy both Microsoft and Sony consoles.

  • Linktheinformer 38 mins ago

    It kind of looks like Borderlands? Also epic rap buddy!

  • SauceeBrd 38 mins ago

    I did not know about this game
    Now I know about this game


  • Battle Employee 38 mins ago

    Top 10 Anime music of all time

  • My2t1c 38 mins ago

    Take a shot everytime he says game…

    You will die

  • Sheep Dreams 38 mins ago

    Mad bars my dude! I guess you can say its raw….

  • MF Kraven 38 mins ago

    I was just talking about how Ubisoft should make a sequel or spinoff. Goldeneye is aiiiiiiight but Perfect Dark was my shit for MP parties

  • Jake Truemper 38 mins ago

    Did you know about this game?

  • WolfTheLycan 38 mins ago

    This video alone literally made me dance! I need to track this game down somehow!

  • Make Me Believe 38 mins ago

    BOOM!!!!! Straight fire my friend. Nicely done. I've never played time splitters 2. Heard of it though.

  • RemoteLogic 38 mins ago

    Huh. Neat.

  • fuccboi gilgamesh 38 mins ago

    Wow you make videos now

  • BellyBro 38 mins ago


  • PungentTowel 38 mins ago

    Amazing raps as always 😁😁😁😁

  • Oceanus 38 mins ago

    I think I remember this game

  • Casey Jones 38 mins ago

    Spitting HOT FIREEE!!!!!!

  • Zubatticus 38 mins ago

    Never heard of this one! It looks like Borderlands.

  • Sly N Shifty 38 mins ago

    Timesplitters 2 was a sick game I remember the gamemode where you had to run around on fire setting others on fire too like a twisted game of tag. I was trying to take the music seriously but then I saw that geezer trying to be matt smith in the red suit and bowtie at 2:01 and cracked up haha

  • Drezz Rodriguez 38 mins ago

    This is actually one of my favourite games. XIII is based off a graphic novel series I read ages ago, so when it was announced that there was going to be a game, I did a backflip. LOL

  • god like

  • JedDraws 38 mins ago

    rawman back spitting B A R S

  • superspinmove 38 mins ago

    Hell yeah dude XIII was the dopest… loved the cell shading art style!

  • Unstoppable 38 mins ago

    Stick to grimey rapping, Rawman

  • full album when?

  • Eric Hanson 38 mins ago

    I DO remember this game. I have a PS2 demo disc, though I never actually picked up the full game. Loved the aesthetic, though!

  • Eric Hanson 38 mins ago

    At first I wasn't sure if I'd missed the first 12 Grimy Games episodes….

  • DOPLEX 38 mins ago

    i’ve never heard of this game, but your rap made me feel like i’ve known this game my whole life. Rawman dropping the fire as always πŸ”₯

  • Mr Radiance 38 mins ago

    So this is what happens when the description is Raw the lyrics didn't even have me appalled hands together more like you have me applaud.

  • Great idea to rap about games you like! Do Uncharted or GTA San Andreas next or YOU'RE NEXT!