This video features New PC Role Playing Games available on steam right now in 2018. These games feature RPG genre with different playing styles.

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  • Shah Ardi 7 mins ago

    Idk I think u forgot the titans of this genre like The Elder Scrolls Skyrim and Witcher 3 The Wild Hunt

  • Saidul Alam 7 mins ago

    Cool, these game often get unnoticed. But good games may not the best.

  • Mad Man 7 mins ago

    SEVEN is good just not free doe

  • The Gunman 7 mins ago

    Just put about 5 of them on my wishlist, thanks for the video mate.

  • Dave Barista 7 mins ago

    Since when Assassin's Creed became a RPG? FF15 Really? Great RPG?

  • Van Haven 7 mins ago

    i just want a new classic rpg with the classic skill level up system, attributes like str dex vit int wis etc, (NOT TURN BASED) with a lore and big loot list, a classic rpg as classic as it gets, nowa days its either turn based or japanese kawaii bullshit >.>

  • Thank you for showing me Seven, the others are already milked by any gaming site out there in their tops

  • Archie Deluxe 7 mins ago

    Best thing about this video is the battlefield theme tune remix at the end of the video.

  • Superformance72 7 mins ago

    Maybe rename to "great games if you're five years old"……

  • Amanpreet Singh 7 mins ago

    nice list, thumbs up

  • Conetfun Gaming 7 mins ago

    Cool Rpg's

  • Zoty Singh 7 mins ago

    really awesome games