An obscure game by an even more obscure company (never heard of). This title features some beautiful and detailed graphics, the sounds are okay. You are a …

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  • I can't fap to this :[

  • JimPlayz912 30 mins ago

    Who came from TooMany,Moths

  • Eva Gale 30 mins ago

    I think that's Playtime's dog (My Baldi's Basics theory)

  • Watch-my-magic 30 mins ago

    Am I the only one who finds it weird that she has fingers in the castle part?

  • Owahidul Nahin 30 mins ago


  • Timic83tc 30 mins ago


  • Starlightthedark 30 mins ago

    my mum legit got me this as a kid because my name's Amy

  • Hobojo, the other one. 30 mins ago

    I remember this game. It didn't work and ended up as a seizure inducing nightmare with glitchy menus.

  • Light Yagami 30 mins ago

    One of my first PC games!

  • JINORU 30 mins ago

    This was my very first game. 🙂

  • MultiverseCafe 30 mins ago


  • Jennifer Ngo 30 mins ago

    This brings back memories…

  • TresAmusant1 30 mins ago

    You are amazing. I've been trying to remember the name of this for years now! I thought I'd gone insane, and it didn't exist. Nostalgia, wow.

  • Watch-my-magic 30 mins ago

    at 9:53 i finally realized, wait dog's don't have fingers

  • Watch-my-magic 30 mins ago

    4:02 Amy's dancing is so priceless

  • Watch-my-magic 30 mins ago

    now that i think about it, the sun is really creepy

  • Watch-my-magic 30 mins ago

    oh my gosh i played this game so much, only problem is my computer wont let me play it anymore 🙁

  • Katherine Mathis 30 mins ago

    I played this when I was a kid. I was playing the day I my shih poo Suzy. Today she would be sixteen but she died last month. I wish I was a kid hoding my Suzy and playing the Amy game again.

  • cactusjack901 30 mins ago


  • kuro haineko 30 mins ago

    my first experience with the computer was with this game~ ah~ the childhood memories xD

  • ReiAime 30 mins ago

    My first game as a little kid. QwQ…..I can't believe I get to see it again, lol.

  • Terrum 30 mins ago

    I remember playing this back in 1995 when I was just 2 years old. The first game I could ever play on DOS, turning on the computer myself, and entering the correct paths to load the game. Awesome memory!

  • Hazzrine 30 mins ago

    Posted one year ago but you probably thinking of retrospective 🙂

  • Kevin Languasco 30 mins ago

    wow, this was the first videogame i ever played back in 1998, thank you for posting this, i only knew it was about a dog and a house and that it was for DOS haha

  • Kezune Twitch 30 mins ago

    I loved this game when I was a child!

  • RedSimba 30 mins ago

    This was one of the first computer games I ever played when I was little!

  • Remolay 30 mins ago

    This is why I love the Internet. I suddenly remembered this game about a month ago and could only remember that there was a dog. I told my dad and he remembered that the dog was named Amy. I'm happy now.

  • sooooo nostalgic! :')

  • EpicHawk 30 mins ago

    Lol I used to do this all the time when I was about 5 years old!

  • Misanthra 30 mins ago

    What was the one with the card playing dinosaur again?

  • My eyes are watering with nostalgia. You have any others? I remember one with a simon says-like game.