This video explains how the license system works and it’s components Check out …

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  • Felix Ruys 27 mins ago

    Is U1450 good?

  • Jason Lee Dee 27 mins ago

    Does safety rating build with custom races?

  • Flying Kiwi 27 mins ago

    is the licence only counted for online races

  • juan sebastian pierce 27 mins ago


  • jayaybe1 27 mins ago

    1:04 Snake Lives!

  • Rick Lelienhof 27 mins ago

    Great, this is helpfull! What i want to ask is how do i get the same time tabel as in the vid? With the car class (tc1)and the minus and plus times..? Thank you 👍🏼🏁

  • Aardvark892 27 mins ago

    Liked and subscribed! Thank you for this video; I'd been wondering how this system works.

  • Captivateitmedia 27 mins ago

    Awesome, thanks. Wouldn't have known about it until you brought forth this info. Cheers

  • Mario Vic 27 mins ago

    Can I raise my safety level OFFLINE??

  • TWENTY10 27 mins ago

    The only place I found this system properly explained. Thanks!

  • Kinduci 27 mins ago

    Do practice/qualify laps count towards the license also? or just the race laps?

  • Joaldo Queiroz 27 mins ago

    Finally! I was so confused with this ranking system, but now it's all clear to me

  • Randy Marsh 27 mins ago

    There really needs to be some basic offline tests in all driving games that must be passed first to allow better drivers to skip the bullshit or driving with idiots at first. So if you can beat certain times on a test it should assign you a certain licence from the start and then the rankings could progress online after that.

  • I just wish they'd fix losing points and penalties for incidents you don't cause.

  • kaan kuruüzümcü 27 mins ago

    THANK YOU it really helped me understand why my skill rating is going up and down s rapidly

  • Cybersys 27 mins ago

    Nice explanation 😀

  • Shaun McEwan 27 mins ago

    Thanks, that helped a lot.