Top 10 Greatest Horror Video Games Subscribe These games will scare the crap out of you. Join as we count …

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  • Black Ghost In White Smoke 21 mins ago

    No horrodome! 😭

  • Erizo Conciso 21 mins ago

    Silent Hill is not on the list… shame on you WatchMojo… you know nothing.

  • Justin Blystone 21 mins ago

    #10 Zombies ate my Neighbors
    #9 Dead Island & Dead Rising Series
    #8 Maniac Mansion
    #7 Dead Space and Resident Evil Series
    #6 Castlevania Series
    #5 Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare
    #4 Doom Series
    #3 ?
    #2 ?
    #1 ?

  • Sable Branwen 21 mins ago

    Resident Evil tied with Dead Space??! NO SILENT HILL?! Blasphemy! Die, monsters! You don't belong in this world!

  • CommanderZurtok 21 mins ago

    HEELLOO!!!!! FNAF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • entwicklung 100 21 mins ago

    me likey Doom theme

  • Aztro Freaks 21 mins ago

    Cod Zombies is something i wanna see

  • Adam Olivastro 21 mins ago

    I like violence

  • al strong 21 mins ago

    worst list ever get your shit together mojo !!!

  • Zaggerman King 21 mins ago

    scilent hill

  • Adam Olivastro 21 mins ago

    I like violence

  • Tony Emond 21 mins ago

    What, no FEAR?

  • Gigadweeb 21 mins ago

    Where's Killing Floor? Silent Hill? Even S.T.A.L.K.E.R?

    seriously, what the fuck?

  • Sarah c 21 mins ago

    This is a crap list no fnaf no like

  • Fluffykiwis J 21 mins ago

    Are you freaking kidding me? Worst, list, ever! Way off the mark!

  • Coltallic 21 mins ago

    Resident Evil tied with Deadspace? What is this bullshit!?!?! No horror series will ever be as iconic as Resident Evil, Dead Space doesn't even come close. I would've accepted Resident Evil to be tied with Silent Hill. And Dead Rising is much better than Dead Island.

  • Ricky Muñoz 21 mins ago


  • elphbwckd 21 mins ago

    This has to be the WORST list I've seen from mojo. Most of these weren't even horror games. They left out some of the best games in the horror genre. The fact that even the narrator said that the games aren't that scary shows just how poor this list is. "Focuses on laughs over scares"…. The fact that that was even said should prove that it shouldn't be on this list. SO FUCKING BAD!!

  • zappy Gameing 21 mins ago

    why no corpse party 🙁

  • Melissa Connolly 21 mins ago

    terrordrome. It is all horror movie icons fighting each other. ( Freddy, Letherface, Jason, Chucky, Micheal )

  • Danny Jennings 21 mins ago

    The suffering?

  • Francisco Roque 21 mins ago

    Watch mojo is the best YouTube channel thank you for the daily videos.

  • Mezmerizer 9 21 mins ago

    Castelvania? MK? Seriously? WHy noy megaman and digimon then?

  • Ivan Quitschal 21 mins ago

    what a fucked up shit list
    where is silent hill, alone in the dark, splatterhouse?

  • SamTheUltimateTransGuy 21 mins ago

    Fun Fact: When my friend was little, he loved the House of the Dead series. His mom went to some video game store to get him a new game one day, and she bought Overkill.
    You can imagine what ensued

  • LukeBailey182 21 mins ago

    Where the fuck is Silent Hill?? Not only is Silent Hill 2 the best is the best game on PS2 let alone best horror. I would have appreciated Alone in the Dark to be in  there too!

  • Eli Cummings 21 mins ago

    RDR Undead Nightmare over Resident Evil and Dead Space??

  • Bullseye91 Productions 21 mins ago

    Im sorry, I love your videos, but this is one of the worst I have seen from you guys. Your top one and two are a shit stain on the underwear of horror life. And Resident Evil and Dead space together?? Give me a break. 

  • Ghost Boy 21 mins ago

    The number one spot should have went to either Mortal Kombat, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, or Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies.

  • Bella Pusateri 21 mins ago

    i love watching these scary videos even though there not scary

  • chickenhound 21 mins ago

    MASSIVE FAIL! this came out in 2011 yet they put house of the dead as number one that series has not been a real horror contender sence the 90's (and I know they took the current mess in for the count as they show footage from the WII version) its also a fail mortal kombat got 2 its not even really though of as a horror and finally they did not even mention Amnesia: dark desent!

    this needs a re-do or a part 2 for the dumb picks and to give proper credit to amnesia not to mention 5 nights at freddys 

  • Saxon1995Lyrics 21 mins ago

    need an updated one with some of the more modern horror games

  • IceQueenBJ1 21 mins ago

    What happened to games like Silent Hill, BloodRayne, F.E.A.R and Vampire: The Masquerade?

  • Tony Williams 21 mins ago

    My list resident evil as number one silent hill as number two evil dead as number three the suffering as number four alone in the dark as five that's all I can think of right now so my top five but still

  • //STΞΞZ// 21 mins ago

    by people who don't play video games

  • jeffrey hoese 21 mins ago

    wouldn't it be cool if you can make a custom character in left for dead

  • Jean Wickstrand 21 mins ago

    LoL the background music reminds me of my childhood playing doom 1 and 2 all the time

  • guess people don't know what horror themed is lol

  • Ber ZerK 21 mins ago

    Worst List Ever

  • angus wood 21 mins ago

    these people do not know or understand the meaning of the word horror

  • Ava Milliken 21 mins ago

    5 nights at freddy'ss

  • Tyhir LeLand 21 mins ago

    What about The Walking Dead

  • Gergin Ivanov 21 mins ago

    Fatal Frame series, Silent Hill (until the fourth game), Clock Tower, Rule of Rose, Forbidden Siren, Haunting ground…

  • lalaxbo 21 mins ago

    MediEvil ? I loved those games ! They had zombies, demons, monsters and pumpkins and it had humour to 🙂 .

    Those games should have been on the list .

  • Eddie Aranda 21 mins ago

    House of the Dead Series are crap. Shouldn't be on this list let alone number one. Silent Hill, Slaughterhouse, Walking Dead, these are great games.

  • Xpzilla 21 mins ago

    Ok I am a huge fan of Watchmojo and love your vids, but this list wasn't very good. And I also didn't like the amount of ties.

  • thegrayox2 21 mins ago

    The Fatal Frame series was not even mention!!

  • Brianna Freeman 21 mins ago

    What about Silent Hill?

  • frebuf 21 mins ago

    No Silent Hill? I call BS