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James Recommends – Ether One – First-Person Puzzle Adventure Game

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James Recommends Ether One, a first person puzzle game with a Myst-like, mysterious narrative that plunges you into the mind of a telepathic healer trying to ... views on youtube: 57783 video rating: 4.93 time : ...

ESCAPE FROM GRANNYS HOUSE?!! Granny Horror Game! Twin Toys Jumpscare

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In this episode of Twin Toys Clubhouse, Camden and Daddy play the most exciting puzzle horror game ever made, Granny The Horror Game. There are two ... views: 282575 video rating: 4.69 duration : 21:54 likes: 29...

PlayNow: Darkest Hunters | PC Gameplay (Adventure Fantasy Strategy Puzzle RPG)

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Darkest Hunters | PC Gameplay - Sure, it may be a mobile game where half the text is about as readable as my handwriting, but it is a neat concept of a game, ... views on youtube: 2224 video rating: 4.83 duration...

Reon Puzzle Quest – Android Games Review

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Makasih yg udah like, share & subscribe: Hello Gamers, Kali ini saya akan me-review game baru dari Agate studio yaitu Reon Puzzle ... views on youtube: 279 video rating: 5.00 duration : 12:4...

Top 10 Best Offline Puzzle Games for Android & IOS! 2017/2018 | High Graphics |

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Welcome to this video where i'll share with you my Top 10 best Offline Puzzle games Ever for android with HD graphics. This list includes best Puzzle games for ... views on youtube: 940 video rating: 3.00 duratio...

Homesick Gameplay – Exploration Puzzle Adventure PC Game 1080p 60fps Unreal Engine

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Explore an abandoned building, encountering puzzles and clues to discover what happened, as you try to escape in both your nightmares and the waking world ... views on youtube: 8572 video rating: 4.38 duration : ...

TOP 5 Hidden Object Games in February 2015 – HOT ADVENTURE/QUEST/PUZZLE

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Here is the list of the most interesting Game Releases of the year 2015: 1. Mystery of the Ancients: Deadly Cold ... views on youtube: 72495 video rating: 4.40 time : 4:37 likes: 132 dislikes: 18

Red Matter Oculus Rift Walkthrough Part 2 | A VR space adventure that will blow your mind (Away)

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Red Matter is a story-driven VR puzzle adventure game set during a dystopian Sci-Fi Cold War. Take on the role of Agent Epsilon, an astronaut of the Atlantic ... views on youtube: 198 video rating: 5.00 duration ...

Overview – Point And Click Adventure Games 1993-1994

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Overview - Point And Click Adventure Games 1993-1994 Also known as: graphic adventure, hidden object, puzzle solving, scummvm Mainly for systems: PC ... views on youtube: 2890 video rating: 5.00 time : 4:9 likes...

White Night Review – Indie Horror Game

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Hey everyone! White Night is an Indie Horror game, where puzzles and exploration combine into something quite unique. If you're a fan of old school horror ... views: 1558 video rating: 4.85 duration : 3:25 likes...

Did Moon Logic Kill Adventure Games?

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Well, probably not. But it did play a part in our preferences for adventure games. Here I discuss some of the evolution of puzzle design. Twitter: ... views on youtube: 102211 video rating: 4.93 time : 11:7 like...

Overview – Point And Click Adventure Games 2009-2010

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Overview - Point And Click Adventure Games 2009-2010 Also known as: graphic adventure, hidden object, puzzle solving, scummvm Mainly for systems: Pc ... views on youtube: 4249 video rating: 4.58 time : 3:19 like...

TOP 5 in January 2016 Hidden Object Games – HOT ADVENTURE/QUEST/PUZZLE Game

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DOWNLOAD FREE TRIAL version of GM2 or the full game of Green Moon 2: Children of the Moon at A BigFish version of GM2 is ... views on youtube: 35769 video rating: 4.05 time : 5:34 li...

Top 10 Android Puzzle Games

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Presenting the 10 best puzzle mobile games for Android smartphones and tablets. These are the top-rated puzzlers currently available on the Google Play Store. views on youtube: 49250 video rating: 4.59 duration :...

Gamers Rating Top 5 Puzzle Games

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Watch Gamers Rating Top 5 Most Addicting Puzzle Games. Not everyone love puzzle games, but for who loved it, puzzle games is very addicting games. views: 6 video rating: 0.00 time : 1:41 likes: 0 dislikes: 0

The Deed: Dynasty – PC Game Review (Adventure/Crime)

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Review of The Deed: Dynasty, an interesting PC puzzle game based around trying to commit murder and get away with it! One for crime and adventure story ... views on youtube: 1301 video rating: 4.58 time : 10:26 ...

Top 12 Upcoming first-person Adventure games for PSVR in 2018

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The 12 most promising first-person Adventure/Puzzle games that are coming to Playstation VR in 2018. Top 13 FPS/Action games coming to PSVR in 2018: ... views on youtube: 26940 video rating: 4.62 time : 16:44 li...

Riddles Of Egypt – Puzzle Adventure (PC/ Mac/ iOS/ Android) Trailer by Teyon

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A terrible Darkness awakens in Egypt! Can you unlock ancient puzzles and solve devious riddles to defeat this evil? Riddles of Egypt, a puzzle adventure game ... views on youtube: 88454 video rating: 4.72 time : ...

SAMOROST 3 – Full Game Walkthrough PC Gameplay & Ending (Steam Adventure Game) (No Commentary)

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Samorost 3 - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 and Ending (No Commentary Let's Play) Samorost 3 full game playthrough includes all chapters, levels, puzzle ... views on youtube: 32490 video rating: 4.67 time : 1:50:48 ...

10 Best Adventure Games that Lead to Unusual Experiences

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The adventure games genre has the habit of offering players intricate stories filled with powerful characters, some mind-bending puzzles and usually the power ... views on youtube: 104375 video rating: 4.45 time ...

Top 40 NEW PC Games Of 2016

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Some of the best games of 2016 are coming to the PC, from every genre ranging from action, adventure, puzzle, strategy, racing, and RPG. Here's what PC ... views on youtube: 3332381 video rating: 4.72 duration : ...

Free Online Games – Pogo Review

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Pogo has the best free online games I've seen so far. Pogo has board games, puzzle games, card games, arcade, and more... It's owned by Electronic Arts (EA). views: 4335 video rating: 0.00 time : 48 likes: dis...

Doctor who: Adventure Games Review Part 1

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PART 2: The Doctor who Adventure games, a point and click game made in 2012, it has puzzles, mazes, and other not quite ... views on youtube: 668 video rating: 3.93 duration : 18:38 ...