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Tyranny review - best RPG of 2016

1 year. ago

Tyranny - a new Role Playing Game from Obsidian and Paradox. Among the best RPG's I've ever played, tune in to hear why. http://www.patreon.com/taureor.

Top 10 PS4 Role-Playing Games | RPG

2 year. ago

The 10 best RPGs to grace the PlayStation 4 console thus far. These are the highest rated triple A and indie games on the market. Whatoplay is your source of ...

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom Review! BEST INDIE RPG?! (PS4/Xbox One)

8 mon. ago

We might have the best indie RPGs in years here. Is Shiness set to be the next big hit or will it be a hidden gem? Find out in my review of Shiness: The Lightning ...

[REVIEW GAME] RPG Online Dragon Eyed

2 year. ago

Hello guys,maaf nih karna ane lagi sibuk jadi baru bisa update,yang pensaran sama game yang satu ini langsung aja download apknya di bawah ini ...

The RPG Fanatic Review Show - Chrono Trigger Video Game Review + Gameplay

6 year. ago

https://www.facebook.com/TheRPGFanatic Chrono Trigger (1995) for the SNES / SFC by Square. This version is the Playstation re-release that was part of the ...

Top 10 NEW RPGs of 2017

11 mon. ago

RPG is a wide category in gaming and 2017 looks chock-full of games for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and more. What will you be playing? Subscribe for more: ...

The Best Video Games EVER! - Crystalis Review (Nintendo RPG)

5 year. ago

SUBSCRIBE TODAY: https://goo.gl/6jki9S This is one of the best action RPGs ever made as well as one of the most underrated and overlooked retro classics in ...

Best RPG Games for Android

2 year. ago

TOP Android Games: RPG Ravensword: Shadowlands - a game combining genres of an unprecedented visual role-playing game and an adventure. Explore ...

Game of Thrones the RPG Game Review 2016

1 year. ago

ROAD TO 100 SUBS! Now that Game of Thrones Season 6 is over and you need your Game of Thrones fix, you might be thinking about playing Game of ...

Top 25 OFFLINE RPG Games 2017 (Android & iOS)

11 mon. ago

Top 25 OFFLINE RPG Games 2017 (Android & iOS) ☆Subscribe For More Games: https://goo.gl/Fqu1RT ---------▻▻▻♛Looking More Games?

Top 10 PC Action RPG Games 2017

11 mon. ago

In this video I review my Top 10 PC Action RPG games available as of January 2017. This list does include both Diablo clones and MMOs. Are there any games ...

Top 10 3DS RPG Games So Far

3 year. ago

NOTE: This ranking is not an opinion of just one person. It is based on a 10-point rating system called playscore. It aggregates, averages & combines review ...

10 of the Best RPG Games of all Time

1 year. ago

Top 10 Best RPG Games Of All Time! Today, we're counting down 10 of of the best RPG games of all time. Which RPG game is your favorite? ○ Subscribe to ...

Top 50 PSP RPG Games Of All Time (Random Order)

1 year. ago

50 7th Dragon 2020 #49 Astonishia Story #48 Black Rock Shooter #47 Brave Story New Traveler #46 Breath Of Fire 3 #45 Crimson Gem Saga #44 Digimon ...

Top 5 Best JRPGs for Total n00bs! - RPG suggestions for novices | Review feat. Chrono Trigger

2 year. ago

My personal top 5 JRPG recommendations for new gamers to the RPG genre, or anyone looking for a classic experience. This list is a mini review of some of the ...

The Gentleman Gamer: Pathfinder RPG Review

7 year. ago

In which the gentleman in question delivers his long-awaited review of the Pathfinder RPG, published by Paizo! Pathfinder is a game not too dissimilar to D&D, ...

TOP 10 BEST Upcoming RPG Games of 2016 & 2017

1 year. ago

We present you our “TOP 10 Best Upcoming RPG Games of 2016 & 2017 for PS4, Xbox One & PC” list: #10: Expeditions: Viking #9: Wild #8: Mount & Blade II: ...

text based rpg review - MUD, the only real & true roleplaying game? (1/3)

2 year. ago

Part 1/3 - I have been searching a real roleplaying game for a long while and I was recently recommended MUDs, particulary one of them therefore I wanted to ...

Game Geeks #243 Firefly RPG by Margaret Weis Productions

3 year. ago

Game Master Kurt Wiegel reviews and educates viewers on role playing games. This episode Kurt reviews Firefly RPG by Margaret Weis Productions ...

Top 10 Anticipated Fantasy/RPG Games 2017 Upcoming [PC / PS4 / Xbox One ]

1 year. ago

Presents Top 10 Most Anticipated RPG Games 2017 Upcoming [ PC / PS4 / Xbox One ] In this video, we take a look at the Top 10 Fantasy / RPG Games 2017 ...

RPG Retro Reviews: MERP

1 year. ago

Talking about all three of the major RPGs made for Tolkien's Middle-Earth, but this is mainly a review of MERP. See also my TOR playlist: ...