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The Top Action/Adventure Games of 2012

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If you thought 2011 was explosive, wait until you see what the coming year has in store for you. Fist fights, sword clashes, zombie outbreaks, thrilling chase ... views on youtube: 280809 video rating: 4.72 time ...

Matt Chat 402: Steve Ince on Originality in Adventure Games

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Support Matt Chat with Patreon--it's the best way to support the YouTubers you love: Steve returns to talk about Broken Sword, ... views on youtube: 956 video rating: 4.93 time :...

Swords Of Legends Online First Impressions “Is It Worth Playing?”

2 Views24 Comments

Sword Of Legend Online is the MMORPG version of the popular Chinese RPG "Swords Of Legend" which also has a popular television adaptation to it aswell, ... views: 356010 video rating: 4.77 time : 17:46 likes: 78...

Broken Sword 5 Review by Just Adventure’s Ray Ivey

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Broken Sword 5 - Serpent's Curse is a "Triumphant return to form for the series, and another winner for Charles Cecil and Revolution Software." Just Adventure's ... views on youtube: 5295 video rating: 4.38 time ...

Top 10 free online MMORPG games 2015/2016

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Top 10 free online MMORPG 2015/2016 download links: 10: dragon Nest: 9: swordsman online: ... views: 948436 video rating: 3.62 duration : 19:47 likes: 1892 dislikes: 718

Rage Fighters (Android iOS APK) – MMORPG Gameplay, Sword Lv.1-41 (CBT)

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Rage Fighters Android iOS MMORPG Gameplay & APK ⭐ SUBSCRIBE ⭐ FOR NEW GAMES ▻ If you like, Can support me by LIKE ... views on youtube: 18087 video rating: 4.34 duration : 22:18 likes: ...

SwordQuest – Angry Video Game Nerd – Episode 88

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Subscribe: Watch all Angry Video Game Nerd episodes ... views on youtube: 5375223 video rating: 4.95 duration : 9:13 likes: 58976 dislikes: 615

Bannerman Review | Medieval Action Adventure with Historically Accurate Swordfighting

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Bannerman Review - Bannerman is an atmospheric medieval action adventure game built around historically accurate swordfighting. Bannerman on Steam: ... views on youtube: 170 video rating: 5.00 duration : 15:1 li...

BAD GAMES: Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet (Xbox One/PS4/PC) Review!

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Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet. A shooter for that person who owned a lot of Vita games and kept trying to tell you to buy one. views: 1232 video rating: 2.69 duration : 8:44 likes: 42 dislikes: 36

Angry Birds Epic Review (english) – Free Online Games on POGED

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Angry birds make their nest in a new genre of video games: The role-playing game. Grab a sword, choose your helmet and let's go fight some pigs. Play for free: ... views: 66 video rating: 5.00 time : 1:52 likes:...

“The F Word” In A PEGI 3+ Rated Wii Game (Pop’n Rhythm)

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We were happily playing Pop'n Rhythm, Konami's colourful arm-waving rhythm=action game for the Nintendo Wii when we encountered a surprise in one of the ... views: 6046 video rating: 4.35 time : 1:26 likes: 54 ...

Real Bike Racing – Gameplay Android game – motorcycle racing game

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Real Bike Racing by Italy Games. Gameplay android game. ➤ Download for Android views on youtube: 14253 video rating: 3.44 duration : 10:19 likes: 22...

Top 10 BEST Android Games of June 2018 #2

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Thanks to Wifi Map for sponsoring this video. WiFi passwords for FREE internet access all over the world!. with this app you can find all WiFi connection with the ... views on youtube: 1603 video rating: 4.23 dur...


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This was actually pretty cool not gonna lie. Free 14 day 1080p HD anime streaming trial here: Learn Japanese or other ... views: 617311 video rating: 4.76 duration : 12:19 l...

Shannara PC Retrospective – Adventure Game Geek Ep. 31

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We travel north, south, east and west in search of the magical artifacts that will reforge the Sword of Shannara! Shannara Release: 1995 Developer: Legend ... views on youtube: 475 video rating: 5.00 time : 12:11...

Immense £279 Win – Free Games Bonus – Blade Online Slots Review

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Full Review: If you like swords, action and punchy movies, you will LOVE this game; especially if you watched ... views: 20 video rating: 0.00 time : 1:9 likes: 0 ...

Top 5 Sword Art Online Games (SAO) 2017

3 Views21 Comments

Thumbs up if u like the vid Thumbs down if u dislike it (The ratings are a fact, but our perceptions differ) 1. SAO: Hollow Realisation 00:17 2. SAO: Memory Defrag ... views: 44173 video rating: 3.78 time : 5:53 ...


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Makasih yg udah like, share & subscribe: Hello Gamers, Akhirnya game Sword Art Online Integral Factors dari BANDAI NAMCO ... views on youtube: 1204 video rating: 4.93 time : 32:20 likes: 66...

WIN STREAK w/ Moon Lord! (Wing,Rating 2100-2200) #Jockey Service Ladder PVP | Dragon Nest M SEA

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The Moonlord is the secondary specialization class of the Swordmaster, the other being the Gladiator. Moonlords focuses on ranged attacks and magic damage. views: 16485 video rating: 4.33 duration : 9:31 likes: ...

bannerman pc game review brutal medieval games , one of the best action adventure games pc 2017

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banner man is a brutal medieval sword combat game with sweet looking pixel art and a very very challenging combat system, one of 2017's hidden gems that ... views on youtube: 1485 video rating: 4.00 time : 18:7 ...

Toren PC Gameplay First Impressions – A STUNNING Indie Adventure Game

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Kirioth takes a look at Toren, the adventure game from Swordtales where you play a girl called Moonchild on a quest to climb the tower known as Toren. Toren ... views on youtube: 7184 video rating: 4.91 duration ...

BEST HORROR GAME IN YEARS. HELP ME. | Mirror Layers – Part 1

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I NEED YOUR HELP!! I am not joking, watch the video and you'll know what I mean. This game is MIND-BLOWING in every sense of the word and the only way ... views: 3596886 video rating: 4.97 duration : 15:54 likes...