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TOP 10 Horror Game Hidden Gems!

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Love a good scare? Looking for something new? Well check out this list for some terrifying games you might not have heard of. Here are my picks for the TOP 10 ... views: 27849 video rating: 4.87 duration : 11:23 ...

Fuel Xbox 360 racing game discussion

4 Views20 Comments

In this excerpt from the 82nd HatchetJob.com gaming podcast we discuss FUEL. Published by Codemasters and developed by Asobo, FUEL is an open-world ... views on youtube: 24516 video rating: 4.69 time : 12:27 lik...

First Impressions of Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure Game (pc)

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As a big fan of the tex murphy games and of chris jones as the PI in the games i had to back this when it came up on kickstarter. The game came out today, i dled ... views on youtube: 144 video rating: 5.00 time ...

TOP 5 Online Horse Games

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Top 5 best online horse games released for PC. Some games on this list might not be available anymore. You can also check out our other horse games tops: ... views: 57142 video rating: 4.58 time : 8:11 likes: 39...

Top 10 / Best Nintendo GameCube Action/Adventure Games of All Time! | Dolphin Emulator [1080p HD]

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Best GameCube action / adventure games ever! [00:12] #10 - Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones [00:42] #9 - Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes [01:12] #8 ... views on youtube: 13163 video rating: 4.55 time : 5:27 l...

TOP 10 Must Play Xbox 360 Games!

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A decade ago Microsoft unleashed a gaming bombshell in the form of the Xbox 360. Now all these years later it's a console with one of the most diverse library of ... views on youtube: 202451 video rating: 3.81 ti...

Does H1Z1: Battle Royale SUCK? (PS4) Beta Review

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The original king of Battle Royale is returning in a big way with the launch of H1Z1 on PS4. Can this compete with stuff like Fortnite and PUBG or will this flop? views on youtube: 24317 video rating: 4.76 time :...