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Spider-Man Review! GREAT or OVERHYPED? (PS4)

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The biggest PS4 exclusive of the year has finally swung onto our consoles but is it any good? Find out in my full review of Spider-man on Playstation 4!! Share ... views on youtube: 70161 video rating: 4.70 durat...

My Top 30 Survival Horror PS2 (No Rank)

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I've played and enjoyed all games on this list. Many other games could be here, it's just a question of personal taste. views: 20612 video rating: 4.62 time : 2:11 likes: 193 dislikes: 16

Muppet Adventure “Chaos at the Carnival” Review and Commentary (vlog)

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You love the muppets and so do I. Today I am reviewing the Nintendo game Muppet Adventure "Chaos at the Carnival". Break out your inner child and stop in. views on youtube: 325 video rating: 5.00 duration : 3:29 ...

Cartoon Panda Run (Official Trailer) – Android & IOS Panda Racing Game

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Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.labcave.cartoonpandarun ▻ Itunes: ... views on youtube: 7600 video rating: 5.00 duration : 31 likes: 10 dislikes: 0

TOP 10 Really COOL SPACE GAMES of 2017 & Beyond

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We present you our “TOP 10 Really Cool Space Games of 2017 & Beyond” list. New Anticipated Games on PS4, Xbox One & PC games coming in 2017 & 2018! views on youtube: 808863 video rating: 4.40 time : 24:37 likes:...

CLOSE YOUR EYES – Really Cool Free Surreal Horror Game

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Close Your Eyes: https://colingamagami.itch.io/closeyoureyes Close Your Eyes is an exciting surreal horror game that was definitely much different than I ... views: 332749 video rating: 4.92 duration : 44:11 lik...

Cool Games You (Maybe) Haven’t Played: Vol. 2 // Codex Entry

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Let me tell you how to spend your money and free time. ☆ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/codexentry ☆ Ko-Fi: https://www.ko-fi.com/ryanseals ☆ Subscribe: ... views on youtube: 2480 video rating: 4.90 time : 13:3...

Top 5 – Free Online Games [HD]

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this is a "top 5" video that is for Free online games. Remember, this is MY opinion. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download ... views: 3908 video ratin...

Does No Man’s Sky STILL SUCK?! – Next Update Review (Ps4/Xbox One)

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This game just keeps changing and evolving but does that mean it's gotten better? Let's jump back into No Man's Sky to check out the NEXT Update and see if ... views on youtube: 356426 video rating: 4.00 time : 1...


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Hey everyone last week I counted down my favorite horror games from the 2nd and 3rd generation of consoles but now I am back to talk about my favorites from ... views: 3647 video rating: 5.00 duration : 9:4 like...

TOP 10 Online Games That FAILED FAST!

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Multiplayer games are HUGE now. Being able to play with online friends is great but sometimes these projects flat out SUCK! This week we are counting down ... views: 25474 video rating: 4.88 duration : 12:3 like...

Cool and Unusual Games: Bonk’s Adventure (TurboGrafx-16) Review!

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If you grew up during the 16-bit era, you might be familiar with Bonk, the mascot for the ill-fated TurboGrafx-16 console. It's had its share of sequels spanning the ... views on youtube: 336 video rating: 5.00 d...

TOP 10 BEST Modern Horror Games!

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Everyone knows I LOVE a good horror game but people often talk about the classics. This week I want to dive into the great scares that just came out on my list of ... views: 12833 video rating: 4.79 time : 11:27 ...

Top 9 (4.5 to 5 User Rating) Paid Action Games list in Google Play Store 2016 (Part 1)

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Top 9 (4.5 to 5 User Rating) Paid Action Games list in android history & Google Play Store 2016 (Part 1) For more top & best android games, Click this link below ... views on youtube: 66 video rating: 0.00 time :...

The Best Videogame Ever Made: Big Rigs Over the Road Racing Review

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SUBSCRIBE TODAY: https://goo.gl/6jki9S Big Rigs is heralded by many (myself included) as the absolutely best video game of all time. The game combines the ... views on youtube: 362667 video rating: 4.73 duration ...

Free Online Games Review- GUNBLOOD

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I like to play free online games and I review them. This games is a western style shootout game. It is very fun and I have uploaded footage with my review on the ... views: 17 video rating: 0.00 time : 2:6 likes...

Anatomy: The Best Horror Game Ever

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Discuss This Video: http://www.coolghosts.net/cool-stuff/2016/5/19/28u79w9eaokmz2mkfqrumegeqc7q9g Support Cool Ghosts: ... views: 27481 video rating: 4.88 time : 9:17 likes: 872 dislikes: 22

TOP 10 Must Play Xbox 360 Games!

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A decade ago Microsoft unleashed a gaming bombshell in the form of the Xbox 360. Now all these years later it's a console with one of the most diverse library of ... views on youtube: 202451 video rating: 3.81 ti...

Does H1Z1: Battle Royale SUCK? (PS4) Beta Review

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The original king of Battle Royale is returning in a big way with the launch of H1Z1 on PS4. Can this compete with stuff like Fortnite and PUBG or will this flop? views on youtube: 24317 video rating: 4.76 time :...