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Slender (Horror Game + FaceCam)

3 Views46 Comments

I mean...I'm Chilled Chaos, king of men. How Scary could this be? Leave a Rating or a comment! They are free! views: 134257 video rating: 4.97 time : 17:54 likes: 4166 dislikes: 28

We’re All…DAMNED (Damned: Horror Game Part 1/2)

7 Views21 Comments

When there is an attractive Female wandering around an old Hotel...something spooky is about to happen. They always say the big boobed girl dies first...Leave ... views: 44391 video rating: 4.95 time : 7:4 likes...

We Have Vagina-Phobia! (Gynophobia: The Worst Horror Game Ever)

1 Views38 Comments

T'was getting Late One Night and both Ze & I couldn't sleep. So naturally we did what any Bromance would do. Stay up playing crappy Horror Games. Welcome ... views: 145311 video rating: 4.95 time : 12:16 likes: ...

The Worst Horror Game Ever (ChilledChaos, SeaNanners, Catabot, and Ohmwrecker)

1 Views32 Comments

Well Internet...Myself and the buddies decided to boot up Cry of Fear and try it out...Turns out it is probably the Worst Horror Game I've ever played. views: 265102 video rating: 4.95 duration : 12:53 likes: 61...