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Japan Only PS1 Horror Games 【ThorHighHeels】

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Survival horror / adventure games exclusive to the Japanese PlayStation 1 Games covered: YUUYAMI DOORI TANKENTAI ...Iru! Moonlight Syndrome Mizzurna ... views: 32885 video rating: 4.73 duration : 15:29 likes: 92...

5 Creepy/Horror FMV Games (not for kids!)

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I love Halloween, Scary movies and Horror games. Here's a list of 5 FMV games I think you should check out. Of course some of the quality here will not be that ... views: 8347 video rating: 4.58 time : 10:41 lik...

Game Rating Review of Prey (2017)

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Please like and subscribe! Find out more at: Website: www.gameratingreview.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gameratingreviewupdates/ Twitter: ... views on youtube: 29 video rating: 5.00 time : 2:17 likes: ...

My Top 30 Survival Horror PS2 (No Rank)

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I've played and enjoyed all games on this list. Many other games could be here, it's just a question of personal taste. views: 20612 video rating: 4.62 time : 2:11 likes: 193 dislikes: 16

The Moment BioShock Stopped Being a Horror Game | FiendZone

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Why is BioShock not considered a horror game? It's definitely scary enough! What moment do BioShock and Prey stop being survival horror and start being ... views: 41156 video rating: 4.81 time : 5:21 likes: 2425...

Top 5 Scariest Horror Games on Nintendo Systems

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Wondering what to play on Halloween if you're a Nintendo console owner? Here are 5 great games to play. Like my Facebook page: ... views: 4696 video rating: 4.90 duration : 4:34 likes: 49 dislikes: 1

SHADOWS PEAK – An Early Access Horror Game With Promise

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Actually worth keeping an eye on. http://store.steampowered.com/app/359940/ views: 92187 video rating: 4.91 duration : 34:5 likes: 2540 dislikes: 44

Top 10 Third Person Survival Horror Games!

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Get ready to grip the edge of your seat or hide behind the sofa with the ultimate list of The Top 10 Best Third Person Survival Horror Games! Catch up on The Evil ... views: 716 video rating: 4.64 time : 12:37 l...


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I figured I had enough playtime and content to make a review, so here you go folks :) About ENKI (Flat Tenebrae): "ENKI is a repeatable horror experience about ... views: 1076 video rating: 4.82 time : 4:53 like...

What Makes a Good Survival Horror Game

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Subscribe! http://bit.ly/ClevverGames Follow Us On Twitter http://Twitter.com/ClevverGames Become a Real Fan http://www.facebook.com/ClevverGames We ... views: 15813 video rating: 4.88 duration : 3:43 likes: 321...

Beware – Driving horror game from PC Gamer | Fraglrokt Gaming

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Saw this on PC Gamer and had to play this Driving horror game called Beware. Article to the game ... views: 2087 video rating: 4.42 time : 19:8 likes: 38 dislikes: 5

Until Dawn Review – PS4 Exclusive Survival Horror – 1080p

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Until Dawn, Playstation 4 survival horror game review! How is this choose your own adventure game? ◢Twitter - http://twitter.com/MassiveNetwork ◢Facebook ... views: 22817 video rating: 4.88 duration : 6:40 likes...

No WAY! SWITCH Got 11 Upcoming HORROR Games!

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How we make money while playing GAMES! https://bit.ly/2vFjJuM --~-- For real! Nintendo Switch got 11 upcoming Horror games! Big 3rd party support are ... views: 41754 video rating: 4.77 duration : 10:9 likes: 71...

Glitch Part One Playthrough!!! // NEW HORROR GAME ON STEAM!!!

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Glitch Part One Playthrough!!! // NEW HORROR GAME ON STEAM!!! Don't mind my crappy audio... XD https://www.patreon.com/unnamedgames //GAME LINK// ... views: 1889 video rating: 4.36 time : 14:10 likes: 34 dislik...

ROUTINE – New Creepy Gameplay (Survival HORROR Game 2017)

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Here is 6 Minutes Creepy Gameplay of ROUTINE. Routine is a first-person survival horror set on an abandoned Moon Base designed after an “80's vision of the ... views: 16848 video rating: 4.30 time : 6:4 likes: 1...

Layers of Fear PC Game Review

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Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ggdograa Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gareth.robinson/ Join the Gggmanlives Steam Group: ... views: 30690 video rating: 4.90 duration : 6:14 likes: ...

A Real Big See – SOMA Episode 9 – Horror Games for Wimps

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Don't you hate it when you're out for a stroll along the ocean floor and THIS happens? CONTENT WARNING: Flashing lights/glitches that might trigger those ... views: 24 video rating: 5.00 duration : 14:57 likes: ...

Top 5 Upcoming PSVITA Horror Games 2016

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Its Scary Top 5 Time! Yes here are my Top 5 Upcoming PSVITA Horror Games 2016. Check out the list as there are some great titles coming this year! views: 33066 video rating: 4.62 time : 2:10 likes: 317 dislikes...

Sega Saturn Horror Games – Part 1

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Want some scares on the Saturn? Here we look at horror themed games for the machine. Be sure to look for part 2 to check out some Japanese exclusives. views: 1338 video rating: 4.94 duration : 13:37 likes: 87 d...


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Hey everyone last week I counted down my favorite horror games from the 2nd and 3rd generation of consoles but now I am back to talk about my favorites from ... views: 3647 video rating: 5.00 duration : 9:4 like...

10 horror games that are just not scary

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10 horror games that are just not scary. We love horror games but some are scarier than others. The games in this video all tried to scare us but failed horribly. views: 84171 video rating: 4.68 duration : 10:33 ...


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I go through some of the horror games for the DS. SUBSCRIBE!!! views: 17292 video rating: 4.79 duration : 7:59 likes: 226 dislikes: 10

We’re All…DAMNED (Damned: Horror Game Part 1/2)

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When there is an attractive Female wandering around an old Hotel...something spooky is about to happen. They always say the big boobed girl dies first...Leave ... views: 44391 video rating: 4.95 time : 7:4 likes...

Saw – Horror Game – Ich möchte ein Spiel spielen – 1

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Saw - Horror Game - Ich möchte ein Spiel spielen - 1 Kein Video mehr verpassen: http://goo.gl/xPMej FACEBOOK: http://goo.gl/a27N9 TWITTER: ... views: 74987 video rating: 4.71 duration : 19:17 likes: 711 dislike...

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