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How Scary is the Paranormal Activity VR Game?

3 Views35 Comments

We locked some people in a room to play the Paranormal Activity VR game to see how scary it was. It's coming Summer 2016, but what did we discover? See for ... views: 8682796 video rating: 4.82 duration : 6:47 l...

Dirt 4 Review

0 Views41 Comments

Accessible yet tough and grimy yet gorgeous, Dirt 4 sets a new standard in rally racing. Watch our Dirt 4 Lets Play series here! views on youtube: 517455 video rating: 4.80 duration : 4:25 likes: 6345 dislikes:...

IGN Reacts to Wilson’s Heart VR Horror Game

7 Views27 Comments

We threw some people from IGN in the asylum of Wilson's Heart to see how they'd make it through its horrors. How Scary is the Paranormal Activity VR Game? views: 51147 video rating: 4.55 time : 5:41 likes: 839 ...

The Best Action-Adventure Games of 2017

4 Views41 Comments

From the sands of Egypt to the ruined fields of Hyrule and beyond, 2017 was a great year for Action-Adventure games. These are our picks for the best of the ... views on youtube: 32232 video rating: 4.72 time : 2...

IGN’s Top 25 Xbox One Games (Fall 2016)

7 Views48 Comments

As the Xbox One completes its third year, eight awesome new games crack our Top 25 list. Check out IGN's Top 25 PS4 Games (Fall 2016): ... views on youtube: 287349 video rating: 4.35 duration : 10:1 likes: 2564 ...

GTA, Red Dead Redemption, BioShock? Celebs’ Favorite Adventure Games – Best Game Ever Ep. 4

1 Views23 Comments

Host Jimmy Wong, Smosh Games' creators, and Future Man's Josh Hutcherson share what their favorite action/adventure games are. GTA, Red Dead ... views on youtube: 138781 video rating: 4.69 duration : 7:46 likes:...

Top 10 Scariest Games of All Time

1 Views45 Comments

These ten terrifying titles bring horror to a whole new level. Top 10 Disgusting Enemies in Video Games https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UuTTnxhmdcQ Top ... views: 473934 video rating: 4.51 duration : 6:12 likes:...

Detroit: Become Human Review

1 Views0 Comments

Detroit: Become Human reviewed on PS4 by Lucy O'Brien. The First 18 Minutes of Detroit: Become Human: https://www.youtube.com/9CAIV1jIFf8 Detroit: ... views on youtube: 837134 video rating: 4.67 time : 5:31 like...

Visage: 22 New Minutes of Creepy Horror Gameplay – IGN First

3 Views43 Comments

Get a brand new, exclusive look at the PT-influenced first-person psychological horror game that's been taking the Internet by storm. Visage - Official Alpha ... views: 390680 video rating: 4.72 duration : 21:39 ...

18 Best Horror Games of 2017

11 Views47 Comments

2017 was a fantastic year for horror games on all platforms. Resident Evil 7 went back to its roots. SOMA finally came to Xbox One with the all-new Safe Mode. views: 75890 video rating: 4.73 time : 3:41 likes: 1...

PS Plus Free Games for August Finally Here – IGN Daily Fix

3 Views38 Comments

PS Plus is finally here, Topher Grace spent his downtime fixing The Hobbit Trilogy, and we get our first look at the new Terminator film. August's PlayStation Plus ... views on youtube: 106854 video rating: 4.67 ...

Far Cry 5 Review

9 Views41 Comments

Far Cry 5 is another wide-open playground with all the necessary ingredients for causing a real ruckus: loads of enemies and allies, temperamental wildlife, and ... views: 1438279 video rating: 4.63 time : 5:18 ...

Need For Speed Review

2 Views31 Comments

Ghost's great-looking reboot shifts the series in a nice direction but doesn't pack quite enough under the hood. views on youtube: 949084 video rating: 4.34 time : 4:45 likes: 8204 dislikes: 1257

Forza Horizon 3 Review

6 Views32 Comments

The Horizon festival heads down under but stays well on top. ---------------------------------- Follow IGN for more! ---------------------------------- YOUTUBE: ... views on youtube: 678182 video rating: 4.84 dur...

Dark Souls 3 Review

2 Views36 Comments

Dark Souls 3's incredible world and awe-inspiring weapon arts make it the fiercest installment yet. ---------------------------------- Follow IGN for more! views: 1344983 video rating: 4.74 time : 5:31 likes: 16...

Top 25 Nintendo Switch Games (Fall 2017)

5 Views42 Comments

Trying to figure out what to play on your Nintendo Switch? Well, here are 25 killer suggestions. We locked in the list on November 1 (so no Skyrim, Doom, ... views on youtube: 1077520 video rating: 4.59 time : 8:...

Top 25 Xbox One Games (Fall 2017)

5 Views44 Comments

What are the Xbox One's best games after four years on the market? We rank the top 25. Cuphead Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cBoPbdOaw7M ... views on youtube: 144193 video rating: 4.04 duration : 4:59 ...

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Review

2 Views39 Comments

Star Wars Battlefront 2 reviewed by Tom Marks on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Editor's Note: Battlefront 2's single-player campaign story was co-written by ... views: 1145392 video rating: 3.95 duration : 5:1...

Monster Hunter: World Review

7 Views44 Comments

Bold and newly beautiful, World demands to be played on its own terms - and you should absolutely play it. Monster Hunter World: 47 Changes Only Fans Will ... views: 1721894 video rating: 4.83 duration : 6:11 li...

God of War Review (2018)

1 Views39 Comments

God of War reviewed on PS4 by Jonathon Dornbush. How God of War Reinvented Kratos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWSQOSpQR8U Subscribe to IGN ... views: 2931296 video rating: 4.80 duration : 6:19 likes: 62254 ...

Best Reviewed Games of 2017

2 Views46 Comments

Which games did IGN score the highest in 2017? Here's our list, by the numbers. Apologies to Opus Magnum, which we reviewed too late in the year to be ... views on youtube: 71446 video rating: 4.64 time : 2:18 l...

IGN’s Top 10 FPS Games of All Time

1 Views27 Comments

We count down the best of the best when it comes to first-person shooters. Top 10 Disgusting Enemies in Video Games ... views on youtube: 615957 video rating: 4.20 duration : 7:15 likes: 7367 dislikes: 1411

How Scary is the VR Game Boogeyman?

4 Views33 Comments

We locked some people in a room to play a Boogyman VR game to see how scary it was. What did we discover? See for yourself. How Scary is the Paranormal ... views: 1925753 video rating: 4.67 duration : 4: likes: ...

First Timers React to VR Racing (and Also A PRO!)

1 Views22 Comments

We had some IGN staff race in VR for the first time. How did they do? See for yourself. For everything VR, check out IGN VR! https://www.youtube.com/c/ignvr ... views on youtube: 1510264 video rating: 4.29 time :...

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