*RARE* India v New Zeland 1995 ODI series review OLD GOLD FROM ROB!

9 mon. ago

So here's some classic rare as fuck footage from 1995, New Zealand's ODI series in India. Quite an amazing series to watch on tv, featuring the great master ...

Robelinda2 is in India today! Hello Mumbai!

10 mon. ago

I have been in India all week and have loved everything so far!!!! The people are amazingly friendly. When I was walking around Mumbai these dudes kept ...

Spitting blood- the most sickening cricket bouncer, smashed up face

1 year. ago

Cricket is a very dangerous sport, not like baseball, unless you're facing Indian 'fast' bowlers, then you just smack those lollipop nobody's. Here a poor West ...

Cricket miracle- The day a Pakistan player didn't drop a catch

1 year. ago

High probability of match fixing here folks, there's no way he took that catch on purpose. Imagine the bowlers surprise at the batsman getting a huge edge and ...

The forgotten Jonty Rhodes *miracle catch* vs Australia TITAN CUP 1996

1 year. ago

Wow what a spiteful delivery from Allan Donald, Ian Healy is clueless as he departs courtesy of another miracle catch from the one and only Jonty Rhodes!

Sachin Tendulkar match winning innings Titan Cup FINAL 1996 vs South Africa

1 year. ago

Under immense pressure, the little match winner does it again! Glorious innings from the best batsman in cricket history. Come say hi on facebook ...

*OFFICIAL* Top 10 best batsmen vs Australia in test cricket- Guess who???

1 year. ago

Here's the best 10 batsmen i've seen in my lifetime against Australia, rated in order. I have seen literally every innings these players have played against Oz, ...

Young Sachin's stunning fielding= embarrassing run out for choking South Africa

1 year. ago

Sachin Tendulkar showing Jonty Rhodes a thing or two about actually hitting the stumps and affecting a run out. Match 3 of 1995 Centenary Cup in New Zealand ...

1995 Centenary Cup- Match 3 India vs South Africa INSANE RARE GOLD!!!!

1 year. ago

Check out this awesome gold!!!!! The 1995 New Zealand Centenary Of Cricket Cup. HOW GOOD WAS THIS SERIES!!!! More awesome 90's stuff coming ...

1996 Titan Cup FINAL India v South Africa CRAZY RARE GOLD FROM ROB!!!

1 year. ago

Enjoy you awesome motherfuckers!!!!! More awesome 90's stuff coming on boxing day! Fuck the MCG rain and shitty NZ v Bangladesh, open up a nice bourbon ...

2002 India tour of West Indies - 2nd test final day RARE GOLD FROM ROB!

1 year. ago

ENJOY THE CHRISTMAS CRICKET SPIRIT!!!! LONG UPLOADS ALL DAY!!!!!! Come say hi on facebook or twitter ...

Classic India test cricket- 2 hr highlights - 3rd test South Africa vs India 2006/07

1 year. ago

The final test of my 3 part 2 hour per test review of a magnificent tour. ps- 7 minutes of rubbish at the start i couldnt edit out, sorry folks. Come say hi on facebook ...

Classic India test match- 2006/07 2nd test South Africa vs India TWO HOURS!

1 year. ago

Awesome footage of the 2nd test of India's 06/07 tour of South Africa. Come say hi on facebook or twitter @robelinda2.

India's Famous Win in SA- 2006/07 1st test South Africa vs India TWO HOURS!

1 year. ago

Merry Xmas everyone, enjoy this fabulous test match review from India's 2006/07 tour to South Africa. Come say hi on facebook ...

Ganguly's revenge- the epic bashing of Wasim Akram. Sachin Tendulkar laughs!

1 year. ago

The master Sourav Ganguly belts the living shite out of Pakistan's supposed master bowler is a display reminiscent of the 100's of times Ishant Sharma has been ...

Forgotten genius India innings stuns Australia, brilliant 100!

1 year. ago

An absolute classic gem of an innings from a fantastic youngster of Indian cricket who dominated a great Australian team in tough conditions, in a match where ...

Out FIRST BALL of a test match, a rare cricket oddity!

1 year. ago

The master bowler Glenn McGrath dismisses Sanath Jayasuriya on the very first ball of the test match!!!!!!!

Virender Sehwag epic over humiliates Pakistan

1 year. ago

Overrated useless Pakistan bowlers are caned to oblivion by the master Sehwag. Pretty much just a gigantic f*ck to the neighbor country. Come and tell me how ...

The best ball in cricket you've never seen, amazing swing and BOWLED!

2 year. ago

Steve Waugh is utterly clueless as he faces this demon ball from Shayne O'Connor, a spectacular effort given Waugh was on 96 and looked to smack this ball ...

India 'donkeys' trying to play test cricket EPIC BASHING

2 year. ago

The Englishman who insulted all of India with his hilarious donkey remarks (remember that, LMAO!) shows his mastery of trolling the Indians isnt limited to just ...

Sachin Tendulkar vs Waqar Younis- how did he survive this brutal over? India v Pakistan

2 year. ago

4 LBW appeals in one over, Waqar was on fire yet the umpire was obviously in the pocket of the BCCI, refusing to give Sachin out despite at least one stone ...