All Witcher Easter Eggs in Kingdom Come: Deliverance []

1 week. ago

Kingdom Come: Deliverance took the gaming world by storm. It was a no-brainer that there would be some references to The Witcher 3. So we went on a hunt. · Want more videos? Subscribe! ▻...

How The Witcher mixes fantasy with our reality []

2 week. ago

Andrzej Sapkowski created a really unique fantasy world that is nothing like Tolkien's Middle-Earth or Warhammer's Old World. So what makes it so unique and how CD Projekt Red built up on that...

New games coming in March 2018 []

2 week. ago

Far Cry 5, Agony, Vermintide II is not everything that will make you want to spend more time in front of your PC or console. Here are the most important premieres of March 2018. · Want more...

What will games look like in 5 years? []

3 week. ago

Graphical advancement is something that all big developers strive for. However, sometimes the devil is in the details. Does this mean that in 5 years time there will be no big leap in quality?...

The BEST and the WORST Alien games []

3 week. ago

Alien franchise definitely had a mixed reception - both in terms of movies and video games. Today we take a look at all the crappy titles and all the best games games where Xenomorphs made...

6 games that the developers had to APOLOGIZE for []

4 week. ago

Sometimes games are good. Sometimes they are brilliant. And then sometimes games have such bad elements that the developer has to admit that he made a mistake. And apologize. Like in these...

Star Wars games we will NEVER get to play []

1 mon. ago

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Will Anthem mark THE END of Bioware? []

1 mon. ago

Although Andromeda has been a pretty good game, it failed to meet the mainstream's expectations. Does this mean that Bioware is slowly getting to its finish line? · Want more videos? Subscribe!...

Villians who were BAD for the RIGHT REASON []

1 mon. ago

Sometimes villains in video games fight for the right reasons, it's just their methods that are wrong. In some cases, however, we wish we could have sided with them. SPOILERS AHEAD from the...

Lovecraft and Chthulhu's influence in video games []

1 mon. ago

H.P. Lovecraft made a significant impact on fiction in literature, and as a result video games picked up some of his themes. Here are some examples of how the mystery of the Ancient Ones influenced...

Trophies and achievements - motivation or annoyance? []

2 mon. ago

In the recent years we got used to getting trophies or achievements for our progress in-game. It wasn't always like this, but... what is actually their purpose? · Want more videos? Subscribe!...

Past, Present and FUTURE of Devil May Cry []

2 mon. ago

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Upcoming Battle Royale games you can play in 2018 []

2 mon. ago

2017 became the birthyear of battle royale games on PC thanks to overwhelming popularity of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. What battle royales can we expect this year? Take a look! · Want...

6 brutal games you can FINISH WITHOUT KILLING []

2 mon. ago

Most often action games want players to plough through all the enemies with force, and the pacifist approach is almost impossible. Yes, ALMOST. These are 6 games that are action-packed, but...

Is this THE END of microtransactions in full price games? []

2 mon. ago

The year 2017 should be dubbed The Year of Microtransactions or The Year Of Lootboxes. Is there any way to kill it with fire before it lays eggs? · Want more videos? Subscribe! ▻

Elements of Wolfenstein games based on HISTORY []

2 mon. ago

If you thought that all the Nazi killing that takes place in the Wolfenstein series is just the developers' vision, you need to reconsider. Some of these things are deeply rooted in history....

Concepts that were CUT from The Witcher 3 []

2 mon. ago

The Wild Hunt is a great game that became took the world by storm. However, some of the promises that CD Projekt Red before the release were not met in the final product. Here's a list of elements...

The BEST games coming in 2018 []

3 mon. ago

We took a look at the most interesting games scheduled for release in 2018. Here's a list of titles that you can't miss! · Want more videos? Subscribe! ▻ ·...

Nintendo 3DS - The LAST Console of Its Kind []

3 mon. ago

Was 3DS a revolution? How does it fare when compared to what smartphones offer us today? Here's a quick look at Nintendo's classic handheld. · Want more videos? Subscribe! ▻

7 Things that Open World Games Do WRONG []

3 mon. ago

Recently video games took a questionable turn into a lane called "everything must have an open world or gtfo". We decided to take a look at few things that some open world games do well, while...

The Slavic Sound of The Witcher 3 ft. Percival & Marcin Przybyłowicz []

4 mon. ago

[MAKE SURE TO TURN ON THE SUBTITLES!] Part of what makes The Witcher 3 so great is the unique music. We sat down with members of Percival and Marcin Przybyłowicz to talk a bit about the process...