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Yeah that’s right Zoomingames is doing top 10 videos now! So let’s celebrate this mind blowing fact by looking at the biggest wtf moments in video games. The events in this video all made us scream in disbelief at our screens. Get ready for the top 10(!) biggest WTF moments in gaming! And spoiler warning of course.

10. Nuke - Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
The nuke in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare rendered us utterly speechless. After an intense firefight you find yourself running for your life with one objective left. Get to the chopper! When you successfully make it all seems to be a-ok until .. the bomb detonates. As if it wasn€™t enough, the mission ends with your character surviving the blast for a few more minutes giving you a last chance to crawl on the ground and take in all the destruction.

9. I Swear I Did It By Mistake - Lollipop Chainsaw
Lollipop Chainsaw is an insane game featuring a ridiculous story, bizarre characters and over-the-top gameplay. It also has one of the most perverted achievements in gaming. If you take a good, long look at Juliet€™s underwear, you get an achievement called €œI Swear I Did It By Mistake€.

8. Ending - Braid
In Braid we think that the hero Tim is trying to help the princess who is running from some monster. That all changes when you finally reach her at the end of the game, which is really the beginning of the game in chronological order. You discover that YOU are the monster she is running away from.

7. Ending - Spec Ops: The Line
The ending of Spec Ops: The Line is similar to Braid in the sense that you are actually a bad guy pretending to be a hero. The familiar third person shooter gameplay tricks you into a false sense of security. You think this is just another one of those Call of Duty-like games before the plot does a 180 and judges you for being complicit in atrocious war crimes. It’s an amazing ending and one of the few games that dares to talk about the horrific side of war.

6. Would you kindly? - Bioshock
Let's face it, if you've ever played BioShock, you knew that this was coming. The Would You Kindly? scene from the original BioShock is hands-down one of the most shocking plot twists we've encountered in any game, let alone a first-person shooter.

5. Darth Revan - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
Knights of the Old Republic is not only one of the best Star Wars games ever made it also completely blew our young minds back in the day. Near the end it was revealed that before you lost your memory you were Darth Revan. We really didn’t see this one coming despite being told about Revan’s villainous crimes throughout the story. This is definitely the gaming equivalent of Luke .. I’m your father.

4. Crazy Campbell - Metal Gear Solid 2
The Metal Gear Solid series is full shocking moments. There’s the time Kojima deceived everyone about the main character … The famous Psycho Mantis battle … and who can forget when Snake killed himself but not really in Metal Gear Solid 4?

3. Ending - Inside
Since Inside is a pretty new game we’ll give you a chance to skip ahead because we’re going to spoil the ending. You’re still here? Good because if there's one thing Inside is going to be remembered for it's the completely insane conclusion. After playing the entire game as a young boy you are suddenly absorbed by a fleshy blob. For the game's final twenty minutes, you're in control of a horrifying biological experiment gone wrong. It's amazing! Even if it’s a little hard to figure out what any of it means we absolutely love this bold move by developer Playdead.

2. Aerith's Death - Final Fantasy VII
If you ever cried while playing games chances are high that it happened at this exact moment. Aerith's death in Final Fantasy VII hit a lot of gamers like a freight train. What made it so emotional was the fact that you had gotten to know her over many hours of gameplay. You had invested all that time and energy in her, only for her to be suddenly taken away. There is no moment in gaming's short history that has endured as strongly as this.

1. John Marston death - Red Dead Redemption
The death of John Marston in our biggest WTF moment in gaming. We love how Rockstar wasn’t afraid to kill of the main character you’ve been playing as the whole game. They also set it up really well by letting you return to your family and live a peaceful life for a couple of missions. It’s grim when disaster strikes and it really makes you hate Edgar Ross. Years later, you are able to doll out some good old fashioned revenge as John’s son in one epic last showdown.

What is your favorite wtf moment in gaming? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to the channel!


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