Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton? We don't have political shirts, but you might like what we offer!

Politics have been pretty crazy lately. Great Britain leaving the European Union, North Korea testing its limits and Hillary and Trump battling for the Iron Throne of the States. Will America be great again? Who knows. All we know is that American presidents have been part of gaming for a long time. Take a look.

1. Ronald Reagan - Bad Dudes Vs DragonNinja

When the president is kidnapped you need a couple of Bad Dudes to save the day. The president in Bad Dudes Vs DragonNinja is called Ronnie which of course refers to Ronald Reagan. You save him at the end of the game and he invites you to go out for a burger. It doesn’t get any more American than that!

2. John F. Kennedy - Call of Duty Black Ops

We could mention JFK: Reloaded on this list but that game is all about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. So let’s go for Call of Duty Black Ops instead. You get to play him in the zombie mode of the game. Fighting zombies as JFK with a huge arsenal of weapons is pretty badass.

3. Richard Nixon - Call of Duty Black Ops

Richard Nixon is another playable president in the zombie mode of Call of Duty Black Ops. The Watergate scandal destroyed his political career, but in this game he’s a zombie slaying hero. Call him a crook and he’ll surely blast your head off.

4. Bill Clinton - NBA Jam & Ready 2 Rumble Round 2

He might not have had sexual relations with that woman, but Bill Clinton sure knows how to slam dunk. Together with Hillary Clinton he is an unlockable character in NBA Jam. And he also stepped into the ring in Ready 2 Rumble: Round 2. This makes him a true sports man in our book.

5. Abraham Lincoln - Lego Movie Videogame, Fight Club & Codename STEAM

To many Americans Abraham Lincoln is one of the greatest presidents ever. He led the country through the Civil War and he’s a playable character in The Lego Movie Videogame. Strangely enough he is also featured in the fighting game Fight Club, and he is a steampunk robot in the 3DS game Codename STEAM. Crazy stuff.

6. George Washington - Assassin's Creed III: The Tyranny of King Washington

In Assassin’s Creed 3 we got to see the history of the United States up close. Obviously the first president plays a big part in the story. In the Tyranny of King Washington DLC George Washington is the main villain. In an alternative reality he became corrupted and crowned himself king. Interesting to say the least.

7. Barack Obama - NBA Jam & Mercenaries 2

Barack Obama really embraced pop culture and modern technology during his presidency. He starred in The Simpsons and appeared in a lot of Late Night Talk shows. In video games he played basketball in NBA Jam and kicked ass in Mercenaries 2 as part of a DLC pack. Thanks Obama!

Which games do you think Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump should star in? Let us know in the comments and do not forget to hit that like button!


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