Real time strategy games aren’t as popular as they used to be. However that doesn’t mean that the genre is completely dead. Let’s have a look at the best RTS games 2016 has to offer us!

1. Cossacks 3 - 2016

With Cossacks 3 you are getting a classic Real Time Strategy game. Building bases, developing an army and destroying your opponent. Just like the 2001 original this remake takes place in 17th and 18th century Europe. So forget about tanks ... horses and cannons, that’s where it’s at!

2. Dawn of War III - TBD

Relic and Sega are working on a new dawn for the RTS genre. Warhammer 40.000 Dawn of War 3 is in the making, but it has no release date yet. With Space Marines, Orks and Eldar, the game has three playable races. Now let’s see what kind of epic battles will unfold!

3. Total War: Warhammer - Out now

Of course the Total War series is not a RTS in its purest form as it has a turn based campaign. Above all its battles are not about base building, but they are real time. The collaboration between the celebrated Warhammer franchise and the Total War series has resulted in a beautiful strategy game everybody can enjoy.

4. Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak - Out now

Perhaps you prefer a more pure RTS experience, in which case Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak is something you need to look at. You command ground and air units in an effort to discover the powers of a mysterious artifact hidden in the desert. This RTS is one of the best things that happened to the genre in a long time.

5. Blitzkrieg 3 - Early Access

The Blitzkrieg series has always been true to the RTS genre. Blitzkrieg 3 is a bit different though. It has a single player campaign that covers the main period of World War 2, but the key component of this strategy game is its MMO aspect. You are attacking and defending territories even when you are offline.

6. Stronghold Next - TBD

For those RTS enthusiasts who prefer a more medieval approach to warfare, thy will also be granted happiness. Firefly Studios is working on the next installment in the Stronghold series. This will mean that you will once again build castles and armies for your kingdom.

7. Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises - Early Access

If you can’t wait for Medieval warfare, you can always have a look at Avalon Lords: Dawn Rises. Since June 2nd this Early Access game switched to a Free 2 Play model. It’s mainly build with multiplayer in mind, even though the developer did promise a singleplayer campaign would be released at some point.

8. Battlefleet Gothic Armada - Out now

With Battlefleet Gothic: Armada the genre takes a dive into space. This game offers real time strategy space battles where positioning is key to success. The game has four factions and all the ships can be developed as they level up. As a commander you can build a fleet that fits your play style which sounds pretty great.

9. Ashes of Singularity - Out now

The last game on this list is Ashes of Singularity. In this RTS you can only claim victory with strategy, not with speed. You control one of two factions as you battle for control of the galaxy planet by planet. As a commander you need to research new technology, build orbital support and construct thousands of units. Not to win the battle, but to win the war!

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