Lost Survivor - New Game for Android
Lost Survivor - a colorful survival game story that tells us about the adventures of a young girl who was on an uninhabited tropical island. The events of the game begin to develop from the moment when our heroine comes to life on the shore of a tiny island and the only living thing around is a colorful parrot that will soon become a real friend to you. She wakes up and understands that she does not remember anything, and then it turns out that the provisions are extremely meager, so you do not have to go to search for provisions and tools, and then you can start building housing and improving the way of life. However, survival is not your only task, you still have to study the surrounding islands and who knows, maybe you will unravel the mystery of how you ended up on the island.
If you find this note,
I am stranded on an unknown tropical island and need your help. I don’t remember how I got here, who I am nor where I come from.
The island is empty as far as I can tell…unless you count the strange creatures. Food is running out, my hut requests upgrading, I need supplies and a way back.
Please get this note to someone that can help. Tell them I am missing. Tell them I need assistance.
My only friend, a speaking bird, has been guiding me so far. But, I’m quickly running out of supplies. Help me unravel the reason why I am here and join me in my adventures!


- Craft hundreds of unique items to keep yourself alive and fight back nasty monsters populating the island
- Explore the ever changing tropical environment
- Cooperate with others to untangle the amazing storyline and reveal the dark secrets of the island
- Enjoy incredible graphical quality with day & night and weather effects
- Build up your own camp where you can rest and plan your next steps