TOP Android Games: RPG

Ravensword: Shadowlands - a game combining genres of an unprecedented visual role-playing game and an adventure. Explore the extensive and rich detailed 3D world, collect powerful weapon, hundreds things, increase skills, and also watch the deep subject line to solve secrets of the Tyreas Kingdom.

The Bard's Tale - explore the huge world of The Bards Tale that has mountains, rivers, forests, castles, cities, dungeons and many other locations, where you will meet a lot of different monsters and strange persons.

Baldur's gate: Enhanced edition - guide the hero through many dangerous adventures in Lost kingdoms. Fight monsters, complete different tasks. The Dark gods are dead, but their descendants roam the world not knowing their nature.

Shadowrun Returns - in 2054 magic and technologies faced each other. Enter race for power and begin your own investigation to open secret plot against the whole world. Carry out various tasks and pump over your hero.

Knights of the Old republic - help Jedi Knight save the Republic. Travel different planets, complete tasks, and create a team of different characters.

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