Continued work and progress on this game has been suspended, I'm sorry to say. I want to thank everyone who has commented and for your support. My dream to make an RTS game is not dead, however, despite not being able to finish this particular game at this time.

A game website is now available actually. It is located at:

A pc game currently under development using the Unity 3D game engine.

Combining real-time strategy elements from various rts games of the past, this game is intended to be a base-building, resource-gathering, medieval fantasy rts game.

Build your base. Defend it from would-be attackers, and take the fight to your enemy. You will battle dragons, destroy buildings, gather resources and take possession of the land for King and country.

Currently this game is in development stage and is an indie game.

Music contained in this video is licensed via the Envato Marketplace.