Beating a boss in a video game is generally a good feeling. However not all bosses are created equal. Taking down the guys on this list felt particularly great. Whether they were complete bastards that really had it coming or just very awesome fights in terms of gameplay. Here are 10 of the most satisfying bosses to kill! And spoiler warning of course.

General Shepherd - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
The moment General Shepherd is revealed as one of the bad guys in Modern Warfare 2 is absolutely mind blowing. The betrayal scene filled us with so much rage that we couldn't wait to kill that backstabbing bastard.

Liquid Ocelot - Metal Gear Solid 4
In Metal Gear Solid 4 you end up in an epic battle against Liquid Ocelot. This brutal fist fight serves as a climax to the rivalry between Solid Snake and his brother Liquid Snake. Fans of the series will pick all the little things this fight pays tribute to.

Hitler - Sniper Elite 4
There is just something extremely satisfying about killing Hitler. He is pretty much one of the most evil bad guys imaginable and has been a final boss in quite a few games. The most satisfying ways to kill him can be found the Sniper Elite series.

Metal Gear Ray - Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
The first boss in Metal Gear Rising is not too much of a challenge but boy is it satisfying. Platinum Games really came out swinging in the opening hours of this action game. You feel like such a badass as you take on the huge Metal Gear.

Zeus - God Of War 3
The God of War series has some of the most epic boss fights in the history of gaming. So it was pretty hard to pick the most satisfying one. However we went with Zeus from God of War 3. You fight your own father who has betrayed you.

Vergil - Devil May Cry 3
Sibling rivalry plays an important role in Devil May Cry 3. Dante and his twin brother Vergil have no less than 3 battles during the game. Each fight is very epic and fast paced. The great soundtrack really makes you feel like a badass as you try to defeat your brother.

Ganondorf - The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker
We all know Ganondorf from the Legend of Zelda series. This guy has been fighting Link for so many years now. However our favorite and most satisfying battle against him happens in The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

Goliath - NieR: Automata
The first boss in Nier: Automata is fairly a easy one but we love it anyway. You take on a giant Goliath machine in a multi staged boss fight. The immense scale makes it interested right from the start.

Ornstein and Smough - Dark Souls
The Dark Souls games are known for their memorable boss battles. So it was pretty hard to pick the most satisfying one. However we have to go with Ornstein and Smough from the first Dark Souls on this one. These two bastards really challenged us back in the day and taught us valuable skills while we were trying to beat them.

Mr. Freeze - Batman: Arkham City
You can clearly tell the developers put a lot of love into the Mr. Freeze boss fight from Batman: Arkham City. What makes the fight great is that this boss learns from his mistakes. You have to ambush him while he slowly hunts you down.

Which boss fight gave you the most satisfaction? Let us know in the comments and please like the video and subscribe to the channel!



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