★Some Unknown & Insane Open World Games That You May Not Have Heard of Coming in 2017!★
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Today we once again discuss some of the amazing upcoming games, looking at open world titles of 2017 that you may not have heard of! These are just my choices on some of the interesting upcoming open world games of 2017, most of these choices are based on gameplay and story which I support with all the info, details, rumors, and leaks that have come out. We discuss many games such as Kingdom Come Deliverance and Project Wight, which all have the potential to be amazing Open World Games! . But make sure to let me know in the comments what Open World title you're looking forward to the most, Enjoy!

★ 7 Open World Games ★

1. Escape From Tarkov
2. Kingdom Come Deliverance
3. Chronicles of Elyria
4. Project Wight
5. Conan Exiles
6. NieR Automata
7. Scorn

NOTE: I Know someone will ask why Half Life 3, The Elder Scrolls 6, GTA 6, and Call of Duty To Much Warfare 27 isn't on this list, well that's because currently their seems to be no evidence for a 2017 release. Make sure to check the date of this video before commenting why a certain game isn't on this list, as this video more than likely was made before.

★Top Upcoming Games Playlist: