TOP 10 ACTION ADVENTURE GAMES 2015 I WILL MAKE ANOTHER VIDEO FOR FPS GAMES LIKE call of duty Watch in HD for the BEST experience! If you enjoyed the video make sure to hit the like and subscription button for MORE! If you have your own opinion feel free to comment it below
thanks enjoy the show ^_^

1-Assassin's Creed Syndicate ( ps4-pc-xbox one)

2-the order 1886 (ps4 exclusive)

3-BATMAN ARKHAM NIGHT (ps4-pc-xbox one)

4-Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (pc-ps4-xbox one)

5-MAD MAX (pc-ps4-xbox one)

6-Just Cause 3 (pc-ps4-xbox one)

7-Rise of the Tomb Raider xbox one TIMED exclusive (PC-PS4 2016)
8-dying light (PC-PS4-XBOX ONE)

9-BLOODbORNE (ps4 exclusive)

10-The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt ( pc-ps4-xbox one)

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