Ever get the feeling you’re in a video game deja-vu? Seen that thing before somewhere? We know what that’s like, and game developers certainly know what it’s like. They’re the ones making us experience the same thing over and over again.

#1 Protect me while I hack/unlock/read this thing
Picture this; you’re fighting your way through a mission, enemies in your way are making life difficult. You finally make it to the room on your mini-map, only to see a computer terminal. We all know what happens next. A voice over the radio, or your onboard AI, or your companion say “Hmm, it’s locked, let me see if I can get past security. Watch my back while I do this”

#2 Indestructable trees
Sometimes game developers will advertise the incredible new destruction physics in their brand new upcoming game. Showcasing the effects of ramming a car into a wall, or another car, or a lamp post. But then, when the game is released and we’re treated to the same destruction derby, we try taking down a tree.

#3 Repackaging an old game and calling it new
FIFA, Madden, NHL, Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed. We apologise in advance for dragging you through the mud here. It’s quite often that developers work on a yearly schedule of releasing a new iteration of their game series in order to keep up with fan demand.

#4 Non-skippable cutscenes
Ever been stuck on a really challenging boss fight? Failing constantly at the same point? But instead of getting straight back into the fight, you’re forced to watch the boss pontificate endlessly in an unskippable cutscene. This then happens so often that you begin to mock the boss as he talks. .

#5 Pointless quick time events (press b to pay respect)
Right, so it’s totally acceptable to have quick time events in a game. Sometimes they genuinely add to the intensity of a moment. But sometimes… we’re looking at you Infinity Ward, they’re just unbelievably inane and pointless. As seen here. (beat as viewer “pays respects”) (Sad tone) Society is the loser here.

#6 Hundreds of collectables for little to no reward
It’s perfectly understandable that game developers want to put in some collectables to increase the overall replayability of their game. Some developers even give us a reward for our efforts, like a new skin or a special weapon with overpowered stats.

#7 Follow missions
Up next is a cliche that is about as lazy as the writing for a Michael Bay film. We’ve all been there. A character is suspicious of another character within the game, so naturally you get tasked with enabling your paranoid friend by following the suspect individual. But don’t get too close, because you might get recognised!

#8 Escort missions with shit AI
Somewhat similar to the follow missions, escort missions are a monumentally lazy plot device in games. But it’s not really their existence that’s lazy, it’s that game developers have yet to create NPCs with good enough AI.

#9 Bullet sponge bosses
Ah, the bullet sponge boss. If you’re wondering what that means, a proper boss fight involves complex mechanics that force the player to succeed with a harmony of speed of thought and quick reactions.

#10 Backwards levels
Ever get the feeling you’re in a video game deja-vu? Seen that thing before somewhere? We know what that’s like, and game developers certainly know what it’s like. If you’re wondering why that sounded familiar, it’s because it was the intro to the video.

And those are the 10 video game cliches that drive us mad. Do you have any other cliches that make you want to throw your game out the window? Let us know in the comments, and remember to like, share, and subscribe for more content here at ZoominGames!



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