Lego sculptures of this size very rare and impressive. Lego has long been a favored toy of kids but this list covers the top 10 craziest Lego creations. These creations are far beyond a child playing with Lego there a full out impressive sculptures made of Lego done by professionals.

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10. USS Intrepid - 0:10
Check out this aircraft carrier made entirely of Lego. This 1 to 40 reproduction of the USS Intrepid was created by Ed Diment. It’s spans an impressive 23 feet making it the largest Lego constructed ship ever created. If you want to check out the original ship it’s at the Sea Air Space Museum in New York City.

9. Allianz Arena - 0:29
Allianz Arena is a soccer stadium built in Munich, Germany. This Lego reproduction of Allianz Arena sits in Legoland Deutschland and currently is the largest Lego building in the world with dimensions of 5 meters by 4.5 meters by 1 meter tall. It weighs an impressive 1.5 tons. Now what I want to know is how long did it take to put all the people in the stadium.

8. The Mona Lisa - 0:51
This impressive recreation of the Mona Lisa in lego was created with over 30,000 bricks, weighs over 45 lbs and is 6 feet by 8 feet long. Now talk about an impressive work of art.

7. Polar Bear - 1:06
This Lego polar bear sculpture contains an impressive 95,000 Lego pieces and took over 1,100 hours to construct. It’s resemblance to an actual polar bear is very impressive. Now who else wants to see what happens when you put this in front of a real polar bear?

6. Volvo XC90 - 1:25
This lifesize replica of a Volvo XC90 was created by Legoland California for a drive safe campaign. It took 201,076 Lego bricks to construct, and weighs an impressive 2,134 lbs. While it is a lifesize replica, it cannot be driven as the windshield is made of black Lego.

5. 3d Printer - 1:25
Arthur Sacek created a 3d printer almost entirely out of Lego. The only part that isn’t Lego is the drill bit. After inputting computerized instructions his printer can create amazing sculptures out of a green foam. I wonder what makes someone wake up in the morning and decide, hey I want to be a 3d printer… out of Lego.

4. Nintendo DSi - 1:47
This impressive sculpture of the Nintendo DSi made entirely out of Lego was created by Sean Kenney for the April 5th 2009 release of the Nintendo DSi. This abnormally large sculpture is over 7 feet wide and contains 51,324 Lego bricks. It took over 200 hours to create and weighs over 250 lbs.

3. Obama Inauguration - 2:08
This incredible reproduction of the Obama inauguration was created at Legoland California. The details are impeccable, everything from Obama’s family, his wife, his daughters, former Presidents, their wives, even Oprah Winfrey is in the audience. If you look closely you’ll notice this is constructed outside, now… what happens when it rains?

2. SPAS 12 Shotgun - 2:31
This amazing recreation of a SPAS 12 Shotgun is fully functional with pump action loading, max capacity 8 in the clip 1 in the chamber, with two extra four cartridge clips on the side. It is surprisingly accurate and decently powerful. Now I don’t think you’ll be robbing any banks with this shotgun but still an impressive piece of work.

1. Lego Roadster - 2:52
This astonishing fully sized Lego car took over 500,000 Lego pieces to construct. It’s powered by a compressed air tank which powers the engine which is entirely made of Lego. The only pieces that are not made of Lego on this car are the wheels and some of the load bearing elements. It has a top speed of 30 km/hr and took Steve Sammartino and Raul Oaida, 3 months to build working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now talk about impressive.

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