Hack and slash refers to the type of gameplay that emphasizes melee combat. The gameplay focuses on close combat with weapons like swords, maces etc., instead of long range weapons like guns.

The gaming industry is filled with hack and slash games and its challenging to choose the best among them, but we’ve come up with a list which includes some of the best hack and slash games ever made and must be played by the fans of the genre.

If your favorite game isn’t on the list don’t fret, just comment your favorite game in the comments section and tell us why do you think it deserves to be on list :-

Games List :-

Dark Soul 1 :-

Dark Soul 3 :-

DmC 5 :-

Devil May Cry 4 :-

Furi :-

Ninja Blade :-

Ninja Gaiden 3 :-

Yaibi :-

Final Fantasy 15 :-

Lords Of The Fallen :-

For Honor :-

Hellblade :-

Necropolisa :-

Ryse Son Of Rome :-

Castlevania :-

Darksiders :-

Senren Kagura :-

Dust Elysian Tail :-

Bastion :-

Dynasty Warrior 8 Series :-

Shadow Of Mordor :-

Diablo 3 :-

Metal Gear Rising Vengence :-

Songs List :-
The Eden Project -
Ivan B :-
Ivan B :-