A group of soldiers must hold down a small town from zombies for eleven minutes before they can send airstrikes to kill them, but a foreseen turn of events for the inner moral of our military today commences, with Simple Brick Studios helping me out with voices, so check him out!

Heyo, 430 subscribers is just amazing, and I really appreciate everybody's support. Whether it's a view, to a like, to a subscription, it doesn't matter! But it really finds a place in my heart whenever anybody shows appreciation for what I do on this insane website. But I wanted to give you some updates. First, I noticed that some people think that I am done with YouTube, but that is not true. I know that I haven't been uploading in awhile but this film is massive! So I do not think I will ever leave this site and if I have been quiet on my channel recently I do not want you guys to think I quit. So I just wanted to get that out of the way. Also, a lot of people have been asking me to give them shoutouts and when I say no it is not it does not mean I do not like their content, it means that I am just lazy. But, for the contest I will be giving everybody that enters a shoutout so just enter that if you want a shoutout :). The other thing I wanted to do was give a shoutout to these channels, which I think you would really like :)

Simple Brick Studios (who also did some voice acting in this film):
kizime (I play Minecraft with him on his channel):
Ashton Videos:

So that is it, thank you for all of your support and have a great day!