My personal top 5 JRPG recommendations for new gamers to the RPG genre, or anyone looking for a classic experience. This list is a mini review of some of the best JRPGs released for classic gaming consoles. WARNING: These titles are not always EASY but they DO feature some of the BEST JRPG stories ever told. If you're not completely hooked by at least ONE of these RPG suggestions then sad to say: JRPGs probably aren't your thing.

List Rules:
Rule number 1: Only one game per developer
Rule number 2: Traditional RPGs only
Rule number 3: The game should be funny
Rule number 4: The storyline should be an epic adventure
Rule number 5: The characters should be memorable

Gameplay footage includes:
Dragon Quest 8 - SquareEnix/Level 5 - PS2 version
Skies of Arcadia Legends - Sega - Gamecube version
Chrono Trigger - Squaresoft - SNES version
Lunar: Silver Star Story - Gamearts - PSone version
Breath of Fire 3 - Capcom - PSone version

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